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LKA drops debut electro-pop banger ‘Turbulence’

Established in Finland, Laura Kaarina Autio, otherwise known as LKA, drops her first single tomorrow. ‘TURBULENCE’ is the singer/songwriter’s debut electropop release of which is the consequence of a half-year long break, during which time the artist spent connecting with her music and tying down her emotions to create a fond, true sense of the meaning of her work.

Collaborating with HANNAH at Sky and Fey Productions and Svante Forsbäck mastering LKA’s recording, ‘TURBULENCE’ is the inaugural fabrication of 4 individuals’ commitment to their expression of art.

Upon my initial listening, my attraction was to the synthesised beat which complements the Japanese-born producer’s silky vocals. However, during the subsequent plays, her distinguished lyrics throughout the track become enduringly memorable. As the chorus repeats, you’ll find yourself humming along to ‘we can’t seem to get rid of this turbulence’ and this is potentially due to the easy, conversant pulses of the composition which seems to be the sound of the top of the charts and on the radio lately.

LKA defines the single as her acceptance towards the underlying realisation that dedication is essential in achieving something which may seem unlikely, though is worth a fight to be accomplished. Perhaps this is the breakthrough she had with her music break, which led her to inspire others with their journey.

Even if you take nothing more from the song other than its striking tempo at face value, it’s definitely worth a listen when it’s released tomorrow.


Words by Kate Lowman

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