a look around Chelsea Cutler’s home studio

Tanyel Gumushan /
Oct 30, 2017 / Music

Chelsea Cutler is a woman of many talents.

A writer, instrumentalist and producer, her latest EP; Snow In October, is undeniably one that conveys her own true heart and soul. An EP of teenage insecurities and first loves, the glittering songs are blush with youth and every rush that comes with it. It acts as an audio diary accompanied by tangible stormy acoustics, sugar rush pop melodies, and star-kissed harmonies.

Themes that touch on drug abuse, leaning on others, and bashful confessions, Chelsea’s writing is emotive and moving, personal and relatable, honest and unforgettable. It’s a coming of age masterpiece.

Recorded in her home studio in Connecticut, Chelsea takes us on a tour of where the magic happened.

a look around Chelsea Cutler's home studio

“Logic Pro X – this is my main DAW that I produce everything in, it’s basically where I host my sessions and use my plugins to make a song.  I like to work on a monitor because the bigger screen helps navigate through the session. It’s actually just my dad’s old TV that I found laying around the house.”

a look around Chelsea Cutler's home studio

“USB Midi Keyboard – I essentially start every song by laying down a piano chord progression with this keyboard. I pretty much just vibe out with it when I start a new song and based on my feeling at that particular time, something usually comes from it that I can use to build a song around.”

a look around Chelsea Cutler's home studio

“Gibson ES 137: this is my go-to guitar – it has a very warm, beautiful sound. Vintage Fender Telecaster: this one has an awesome sound, a lot more twangy so I end up using this one a lot more for lead melodies.”

a look around Chelsea Cutler's home studio

“(Left) Novation Launch Pad – I use this for my live set or any live recording to trigger my vocal samples.  You can program different sounds to each button so it allows you to trigger a whole live set with different samples just using this.

“(Right) Maschine – This functions really similarly to the Launch Pad, but it comes with its own massive set of samples so it’s great for writing sessions.  I use it to write drum patterns and it’s great for vocal chops that I incorporate in my production too.”

a look around Chelsea Cutler's home studio

“Neumann TLM 49 Microphone – I recorded a bunch of my EP with this microphone. I put a reflection filter around it so it will pretty much turn any room into an adequate recording space, which is perfect for a home studio that isn’t necessarily designed as a proper recording space.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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