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A Love Letter to LG X

many many years ago in a dreary town called Burnage, the second coming happened.

No, Jesus didn’t turn up with a can of stella in his hand strolling down the street like he was suffering from a severe back injury. William John Paul Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, LG, R Kid. Whatever you call him, he has become a figure in the music industry and in popular culture that will never fade away.

From his explosive Oasis years to the most recent independent work, I explore the celestial being that is Liam Gallagher and why we should let there be love for the man who is always keeping it dangerous.

“Dear Mr Liam Gallagher/LG/The man who sings wonderwall,

i remember listening to one of your band’s songs when i was about four. it was called half the world away. i remember it because it was the title sequence for the royle family. even now when i hear the song i get goosebumps. the feeling i get is always repeated every week when i watch the programme on dave or dave ja vu. it’s not just me who feels something when listening to oasis. your music is rooted in my family, my mum went to watch you at maine road but she got kicked out, she still goes on about it today. I’m not jealous (i am jealous a lot). she tells me that she heard one song, but hearing one oasis song live fills a gapping hole in the heart full of love and fucking great music, a hole I’m still waiting to be filled by hearing you say ‘sunshiiinneeeee’. oasis is cemented in manchester’s music scene, the founding fathers of brit pop and the influencers of so many bands i love today.

if I’m feeling shite, i stick on oasis, if I’m feeling mint, oasis, feeling tired, oasis, feeling like I’ve had a decent line of coke sorry i mean a good swig of lucozade, oasis.

be here now has been played so many times on my record player that i think its time to buy a new version. it brings together all the thoughts I’ve had, all the feelings onto one album. so thanks for all that liam, i owe you one, maybe a pint at the kings arms when you’re next in manchester?

i know i know, you probably get loads of letters like this, about how words cant describe how good your music is but I’m going to try…godlike? amazing? greatest of all time? but i think i need to let you know, just incase you forget. beady eye, they were mint too. couldn’t get tickets to see you at manchester academy, mum wouldn’t let me go because i wasn’t old enough to go on my own (i was 15, i was basically an adult). also was supposed to meet you all at hmv on market street but couldn’t go because i had a history gcse exam. i failed it like a real rock n roll star, got a b in my resit though, needed the grades so my mum wouldn’t kick off, I’m not that rock n roll. sorry for making excuses for not seeing you before you all split up. i really liked soul love. and now, after making my way through your music career chronologically, i find myself situated in the present day. your solo work, ‘wall of glass’ what a tune. the video is pretty decent too. i dusted off my fred perry that was put away after i heard beady eye were no longer and I’m feeling real mod fer it. i cant wait for your debut album, got it preordered i have. on vinyl of course none of that modern shite. its not just the song that’s good, it’s the power it has. so many people i know really dig the chorus especially the ‘walllll of glasssss’ part, my little brother he’s only 6 he loves it too. this is what i mean, you seem to have an aura that brings people, no matter what age, together through the power of music, something that many people fail to master. so thanks for that liam, I’ve got your song stuck in my head but I’m not complaining.

i think its time to give a real, emotional thank you at this stage in my letter. thank you for being part of the believers and peacemakers that helped bring manchester together after the dreadful terrorist attack that took place. music brings people together, it breaks down walls, it creates friendships and relationships and lasting memories. thank you for being part of the ‘one love’ manchester show alongside so many supportive and strong musicians. i remember watching the show on tv and seeing a member of the audience cry their heart out to you singing. that image will always stick in my head. you was there to support people who had been hurt and left broken by the awful attack. it takes a lot of courage to stand by so many and perform to such an emotional audience, thanks liam you helped make the people of manchester feel safe again.

maybe i should mention another thing I’m grateful for. thanks for giving those boys in ireland free tickets to your sold out show. i don’t know them, not a clue who they are, but they are fans and I’m a fan so i guess that means something. but for me it has a deeper meaning. you gave those young people a chance to witness something great for free. I’ve been the victim of playing ridiculous prices to see some of the musicians i adore but you gave young people who don’t have the money to be splashing on gig tickets, the chance to experience great music with great people. who knows maybe they will go onto be a band, just like many before them who have seen you live and bee inspired to go out and create music. so on behalf of the young ones, thanks liam.

now coming away from the music, time to thank you for designing decent clothes that i can buy for my dad for his birthday or christmas or father’s day. you gave thousands of boys and girls the chance to dress like they were the fifth beatle or the long lost football hooligan of the 1990’s for a minor cost. you gave paisley a rebirth, people literally have pretty green wallpaper these days. some musicians go into clothing ranges and don’t give any of their personal touch, they just want to print their name and get the money. but its easy to see that you did give your opinion on the designs, they all have a small inspiration from outfits of your past, present and future. not just a rock star but a fashion icon. thanks LG for the father’s day present inspirations and the groovy phone cases. now how about you making some paisley dresses? I’m sick of having to wear my dads oversized polo as a dress.

and also thanks for making twitter one of the best social media networks to be on. here are a few of my favourite tweets of yours…”Im walking on sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine wow and don’t it feel good hey alright now and don’t it feel good as you were LG x” “Good to see the BREAD HEADS doing there bit for charity LG x”, “Out of the frying pan and into the fire jalapeño LG x” and “Music in the UK has been abducted by massive cunts THE END LG x”. you always manage to put tweets out that make me laugh or smile, so thanks for that LG X, keep it dangerous.

i’d like to end this love letter with a lyric from one of my favourite oasis songs. I’m free to be whatever I, whatever I choose and i’ll sing the blues if i want. i remember listening to that song when i was told i wasn’t going to achieve something id always wanted. listening to that song made me feel like i was invincible, like i can go out and do whatever i want to do and be whoever i wanted to be. so thanks for that mr liam gallagher, thanks for singing songs that made me feel that i can do what i believe in. I’m also going to add lyrics from another song i love by oasis. don’t go away. i know you have your solo career ahead of you and oasis might not ever get back together and i respect that. but don’t go away, say what you say, but say that you’ll stay, because my twitter would be fuckin bleak without your tweets. and my music collection would just be a gathering of dusty records. and my dad’s wardrobe will just be a collection of old paisley pretty green t shirts. and us young people will not be able to witness the great LG. oasis’, beady eye’s and your solo music are going to inspire people to grab a mic, grab a guitar and start a band. but just keep on being the icon of manchester that you are.

thanks for memories that have been and that will be,

brigid (fellow manc, previous mod wannabe, but always an LG fan)”

Words by Brigid Harrison-Draper

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