Lxandra wants you to ‘Dig Deep’

George Griffiths /
Mar 19, 2018 / Music

A nice classical banger from the Finnish-Lana

Lxandra may be from Finland, but her music is universal.

Her newest single ‘Dig Deep’ incorporates a deft pop sensibility with a classical influences. The track sees Lxandra criticising the out-dated image of women in society, which she also explores in the visually arrested video for the track.

But what does Lxandra herself think? We’re glad you asked.

“Women quickly become ‘too much’ in the eyes of our society. They are expected to be calm and quiet This theme is repeated in the video’s visuals. We portray a strong, loud and free woman that many people fear, because the world is still not used to it yet. We’re not just showing the pretty girl next door who keeps her mouth shut. This also reflects the #MeToo campaign. It’s about speaking out when things are unfair.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Also, a bit of interesting trivia for you: Lxandra is originally from the small Finnish island of Suomenlinna, which was originally a sea fortress (!) with only 800 inhabitants (!!).

She’s now based in Berlin, which is less exciting than a former 1800s sea fortress but there we go.

Lxandra will also be accompanying Dua Lipa on her tour this year, so she’ll be hearing ‘Hotter Than Hell’ in a live capacity every night, lucky so and so.

Watch the arresting visual for ‘Dig Deep’ below and get into Lxandra:

Words by George Griffiths

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