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Mark Elliott returns with summer anthem ‘Drunk To Thunk’

Mark Elliott is an obvious master of music. His debut ‘Dead End Love Affair’ embodied wholehearted lyrics into a clean piano-led track, an easy listen with little energy. Now, months later, Elliott is back with a twist. It seems the debut was a disguise, for Drink To Thunk bursts the banks for a summer tune. 

Heightened verses fuse into an infectious chorus before becoming split by an impressive guitar solo. A magnetic force pulls groovy instrumentals together, this is honest, catchy, a pop banger. 

“I wrote DTT about that feeling where you’re too drunk to string a sentence together but have complete confidence in your ability to dance like MJ. Sounds like a giraffe trying to moonwalk it’s way out of a wardrobe.” Elliott outlines a feeling we’ve all had, bringing it to the surface with all its pros and cons.

A hidden summer anthem, this is Mark Elliott as we know it.


Words by Alice Hadden

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