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Mark Steinmetz shares poetic journey ‘Fifteen Miles to K-Ville’

Somewhere between Knoxville, Tennessee and Athens, Georgia, lies a fictional town. K-Ville.

Believed in and captured by Mark Steinmetz, the American photographer allows us to visit in his latest work, ‘Fifteen Miles to K-Ville’.

Throughout the early 1990s, Steinmetz journeyed between the two cities. On his travels he shot portraits and landscapes that capture both its dark humour and its melancholy.

Where graves dot the terrain, and there’s a sense of forbidding hanging heavily in the air, Steinmetz’s photographs are a reminder of his poetic journey, printed on softback.

Speaking of ‘Fifteen Miles to K-Ville’, Mark Steinmetz says: “I love the South for its warmth and chaos. The vegetation down here grows rampant; the light is softened by humid air.Ma

“The people are for the most part friendly and they are comfortable in their bodies. They tend to be more open to being photographed by a stranger. The unexpected happens here a lot.”

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Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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