Meg. introduces herself to the world with, ‘GREEDY’

Megan Armstrong /
Jul 6, 2018 / Music

If odds were placed on how many people’s Instagram selfies posted for the world were done in just one take, the overwhelming favourite would be not many. In that case, meg. is in the minority. On Sunday (July 1), the up-and-coming Liverpool artist posted her debut music video: done by herself, in her bedroom, with her iPhone and in one take.

We don’t know much about meg. yet, other than we believe she is from the Liverpool area and probably in her late teens. We know that she is introducing herself musically to the world with this song, “GREEDY.” She might have dabbled in a number of bands in the past, but nothing too serious. Now, though, stepping out on her own, meg. is to be taken very seriously.

“GREEDY” sports crystalised synths paired with brooding drum beats underneath meg.’s endearing voice. She cites her influences to include George Michael, Whitney Houston, Lorde, Beyonce and Troye Sivan. The lyrics detail a bad past relationship, and meg.’s way of moving on is to empower herself through song.

Once she shot the video in one take, she then edited it to advance the story. meg. rarely loses eye contact with the camera as she writhes mostly upside down in bed, but as the video moves along production elements appear that are important in driving it all home. One moment, she is totally pixelated; the next, there are multiple versions of her clear as day — a perfect visual representation of the hectic dichotomy in her words: “And as soon as I see your face, it’s like I can’t love you, I can’t love you / As soon as you walk away, it’s like I can’t live without you.”

At the end, meg. disappears from view and black text appears on a white screen. It says, “I started thinking it could be really s— not having you around. But then I started to realise…I’ll probably be fine tbh.”

And that is the sentiment of meg. for girls and women everywhere: Babe, you’re already over him even if you don’t know yet.


Words by Megan Armstrong

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