Mulan share new 80s-tinged track ‘Done’

Aaron Powell /
Mar 31, 2017 / Music

I like tangible creativity. In an era of monotonous PR emails with the same incessant, faux pleasantries and droll recitals of previous coverage one could be forgiven for feeling a sense of disenchantment with the current state of music delivery.

So, imagine my insurmountable level of joy when, for the second time, a tangible, well thought out piece of marketing was delivered straight to my door.

It was from the ever-elusive Mulan, whose debut single ‘Night’ garnered rapturous acclamations from me last year.

Graduating from 9-piece puzzle to padlocked book and visually from black to white seemed like an oddly apt reflection of the progression from the sultry electronica of ‘Night’ to the Prince-esque 80’s tinged, funk in trunk ‘Done’.

Unlocking the book (which may I add looked suspiciously like a very similar off cream literary capsule I had seen in Paper Chase earlier in the day) revealed a short statement from the band:

We know it’s been a while, I’ve been waiting for the right time to say this.

We’re done, I’m done.”

Precise, concise, nice. It’s a total stonker, unapologetic pop infused lyrics with interesting production arrangements alongside sparse guitar work.

On a closing note I’m going to be extremely disappointed if this project ends up being three white guys from Oxfordshire.


Words by Aaron Powell

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