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Now We’ve Got Bad Blood – They’re At It Again

(Warning) This feature contains many appropriate puns.

The world of celebrity is a world, which we shall never truly understand. On rare occasions celebrity co-stars go head to head and we can’t really blame them. There is always something that’s going to ruffle somebodies peacock feathers.  

Who can forget those infamous feuds between Orlando Bloom and Bieber, Chris Brown and Drake? And now it seems we have another celebrity feud on our hands.

It comes as no surprise that a lengthy feud between two of pop’s finest Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, yet again continues. Katy and Taylor’s spiralling friendship is far from any love story. The whole disagreement began back in 2013 where it’s said the whole relationship between Perry and Swift started to turn sour. Perry supposedly stealing a trio of dancers for her tour, straight from under Swift’s nose.

Since then their relationship has become a firework, ready and waiting to explode into a full on catfight. Despite both dropping not-so-subtle hints about the feud, both continue to cunningly dig at each other. Take Taylor Swifts ‘Bad Blood’ for example, a track that’s supposedly a dig at Miss Perry. Not only did it slyly put the pairs feud at the forefront of the pressing media, it also birthed another bitter feud altogether, with rap queen Nicki Minaj joining the shenanigans, but that’s a whole other chapter to this story altogether.

It’s pretty clear why the two pop juggernauts are coming to blows. Having both dated music’s John Mayer, we can see why it could get pretty awkward if the two were to brush shoulders at any star-studded event.

Conniving efforts to disrupt each other’s careers seems to be making the whole scenario extremely petty. Last Friday Night (9th June 17) Perry released her hotly anticipated album Witness. And to ensure that Perry couldn’t revel in all its success, Taylor shockingly re-released her back catalogue on the streaming platform, Spotify, on the very same day.

It’s something Swift wouldn’t have imagined doing in her wildest dreams.

For years now Swift has been an anti-streaming campaigner, having pulled her entire music catalogue from all streaming sites a few years back. It was seen as an almighty defiance against money hungry business’, which paid no valuable royalties to the source of its business. A move that was extremely brave and one that was surely going to backfire eventually on Swift, as streaming began to take over the world.

And finally the feud continues. Although not much has been said about the latest instalment by the pair, Taylor’s motives for re-releasing her music to streaming is hard not to reveal itself as a shot at stealing Perry’s thunder.

And quite frankly the whole thing is a little daft. There are already extreme amounts of competition amongst the industry, as each pop diva enters the gladiator ring, as they go to any lengths to get that number one spot. But this spiralling bitterness between the two is a clear sign that they will never ever be getting back together.

The pair both seem to be a dark horse in the matter, as they both sneakily continue to send daggers in each other direction. Taylor may appear as the more Disney-esque pop princess of the two, and Katy as the more out-spoken aunt whom has one to many brandies at any family function, but it seems they are both adequate at adding salt to the wound.

Katy Perry seems pretty wide-awake on the whole matter. She’s not holding back and doesn’t shy away from any question on the sour relationship. Just last month Perry explained the feud, to Britain’s funnyman James Corden on a Carpool Karaoke segment. A revelation that I’m sure left Taylor feeling red.

In a feud that gives May and Corbyn a run for their money, team Perry or team Swift needs your votes. It would be nice if the whole thing could eventually fall by the waste side. But maybe the whole bitterness has gone a step to far. Perry and Swifts hot N cold relationship continues.

Words by Lewis Smart

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