Nuuxs comes out of her shell: “This is my fate”

Naureen Nashid /
May 29, 2018 / Music

Nuuxs has had quite a journey so far

Born in a half French, half Lao household, she lived in rural France for a bit before relocating to Hackney London as a young child. Once there, she was raised in a cult where it was forbidden to participate in “worldly activities,” such as having no friends, television, music, or books. This didn’t deter her from the arts and her creative side as she started writing since the age of nine.

Upon reaching school, she got her first taste of stage life when she performed as Blousey Brown in Bugsy Malone for a school play. Following that, she started writing hooks for grime artists that she went to school with and even joined a number of bands where she was able to explore genres of jazz, funk, and indie music. “It was fun,” she shares. “We just sort of messed about. A lot of procrastinating about what we should write about, like love that never happened.”

The last band she was a part of was called INU, which was a quirky way of saying the music was “in you.” Nuuxs is rather embarrassed about it now, but she loved her time spent in the band as it was a great learning curve for her. The band eventually drifted since they all wanted different things. It felt like a sign to Nuuxs as she began her own solo project a year and a half later. She says, “I just carried on, really, and continued with music. I was, like, cool. I guess this is my fate decided. I love what I do and I’m happy that I went down the same route that I started in.”


One of the steps she took to better herself as a writer and musician was attend writing camps. Each camp was based around a certain genre. For example, she went to one in Amsterdam that was strictly EDM. Through that camp, she met a lot of producers and DJs. It was when she attended one that was a little more pop that she got discovered by Jake Gosling, who is a music producer, songwriter, manager, and publisher. He watched as she progressed in her talents and then eventually signed her onto Goldun Egg, an indie record label.

“Collaboration is key,” Nuuxs reflects on the writing camps she attended. “It’s so good to draw from different writers, producers, and artists because everyone brings something different to the table. You definitely have a lot to listen to as everyone has different backgrounds and stories, so that makes it fun.”

Given her broad experience in several different genres, such as pop noir, soul, alternative and jazz, I ask her what made her settle on pop. She replies, “I was always a songwriter first before being an artist. I think the artistry just sort of fell into place naturally. In terms of genres, obviously, being a writer first, I had the flexibility of writing all different types of stuff from dance to soul to to jazz. I’ve always loved pop as well. I guess everything mixed together and working with different artists sort of pushed me toward a more ‘up vibe’ with my current music. My previous stuff is a bit more ballad-y, I’d say.”

When she was at low points in her life, she expressed it through her music and lyrics. Now she’s feeling a lot happier and positive, so she wants to show that side of her too. Take her current single, for example. “No Good For Me” is an upbeat single about cutting toxic people out of your life. “It’s about my experiences of being let down by people you thought you could trust,” she explains. “It’s about moving on and not feeling guilty about putting yourself first.”

Nuuxs wants others to relate to this song, as have her friends once they listened to it. With a chorus that makes you want to dance, it’s her vocals that really draw you in. “No Good For Me” has the Nuuxs charm that is present in her previous songs, such as “Rely,” “Snowflakes,” and “Real Love,” but the addictive pop beat is what sets it apart, bringing about a whole new sound for the UK singer.

Plans for an EP called Red Tape are in the works, but Nuuxs is keeping it under wraps for now. “I’m still actually writing and editing some of the songs because I’m still not a 100% happy with all of them yet,” she reveals. “That’s a work in progress, but it will be out very soon. I’ve definitely had a lot of fun writing it and I’m definitely excited for people to hear that.”

Director: Jason McNab

Stylist: Marc Jacques Burton

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Words by Naureen Nashid

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