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Orange Soul release latest shot to the heart, ‘The Haze’

Building upon their burgeoning success, Brighton-based group Orange Soul, comprised of the brothers, Henry and Johnny Tydeman, have released their latest shot straight to the heart.

The Haze, a track which implies a distinct, mystery element starts with great promise. Bright piano accompanies a voice wise beyond it’s years and a quality reminiscent of the vibes found in early Keane. In their poetic and lyrically dexterous EP Loose Change Champagne, Brighton duo Orange Soul hit notes of excellence in their melodic debut and they aptly continue this trend with latest single ‘The Haze’.

‘The Haze’ combines relaxing melodies and vintage Beatles tunes a la Strawberry Fields, this works well in the band’s favour, adding a nuance to their Ars Musica. The piano which forms the pulsing core of this group is matched by psychedelic overtures which recall the soundscapes conjured by Kurt Vile and the War on Drugs respectively. Strings swirl as a fluid counterpoint throughout ‘The Haze’, the falsetto of singers Henry and Johnny Tydeman offering something different to your average piano driven ballad. Ostensibly, it bears a similar aesthetic to previous stargazing track, ‘A Thousand Times’.

As such,  we are treated to a minimalist and refined sound. This maturity, nay wisdom is conveyed in The Haze, where much is made of the central staying power of a good chord sequence and honest lyrics.

The listener never loses sight of the core of the work and the melodies shift and shimmer like reflections in a pond. This water metaphor is assiduously built upon in album stand out Education In The Rain, which feels like the track that The Kinks or The Rolling Stones should have released 50 years ago. The excellent lyrical hooks of The Haze combined with the memorable refrain present the rhythmic guitar and echoing backing mix is a delight to listen to on repeat.

Expect great things and more to come, Orange Soul are here to stay.

Words by James Hill

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