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palm vaults: miami on mare street

Palm Vaults is slowly but surely making waves in the social media world; palm clad, pink hued pictures are popping up all over Instagram and as a sucker for all things pink and a lover of cactus and palm trees, the Palm Vaults combination was basically a shrine to my ethereal love and it didn’t disappoint when visiting.

Palm Vaults calls Mare Street in the borough of Hackney its home, this unassuming and widely unknown destination makes it all the more endearing. The Miami Vice style shop front of this concept café is a huge throwback to the 80s and immediately transports you to somewhere more tropical, a little hideaway from the dreary streets of London.

The interior at Palm Vaults is the key to Instagram domination, potted grass plants, palm trees and cacti cover the ceilings, walls and corners in an ad hoc but beautiful manner. These luscious green plants teamed with bare brick walls, baby pink wall paper and velvet upholstery is basically a match made in interior heaven and provides house goals for days.

Apart from the quirky interior Palm Vaults’ other big selling points are their colourful array of striking, healthy food and drinks. First place as their most instagrammed drink is the velvet latte, which in keeping with the theme is fuchsia pink made with beetroot. I realise this may have pretentious hipster written all over it, but the beetroot latte apart from being beautiful to look at was creamy and pleasantly sweet. Another of their big hitters is their golden latte, a turmeric based mug of goodness and will give you that morning boost without dosing yourself in caffeine. Of course this pink and green themed café couldn’t have a menu without an ode to the much loved and world dominating avocado and their avocado frappe latte was all I hoped for, a cold velvety frappe with a coffee kick. Team this with their avocado toast and you’d be sure to get your daily fix.

The streetwear urban powerhouse, Illustrated People, headed up by the unlikely suspect of former Made in Chelsea star Phoebe Lettice, have taken a shine to Palm Vault and have taken them under their wing, making a space for a pop up café in their store on Brick Lane, so when shopping for the latest garms becomes all too much, Palm Vaults is there to offer a healthy coffee and cake pick me up.

If you’re having a toss-up between which Palm Vaults to visit, Mare Street is top of my list not only for the delightfully tropical interior but also for the lavatory, not a usual selling point I know, but a charmer nonetheless and without giving too much away, think very, very pink.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Words by Liv Rafferty

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