Phangs’ music is an experience

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Sep 4, 2017 / Music

An Album. A wild fanbase. Multiple Phangs tattoos appearing on fans. US tour. All accomplished in a year.

PHANGS consists of Jake Germany, a Nashville based artist with a passion that cannot be contained. His new album, Get in My Arms, is the result. It perfectly encapsulates modern day love and loss. It is happy, sad, and young. The perfect album to start any big transition that life throws your way.

“It feels like everything I’ve ever felt.”

Jake first captured my heart with Cul De Sac, the first single ever released under Phangs. He has since released an album and has collabed with his friend, R.LUM.R, on the track, Always Been U, and toured with Vesperteen, not to mention the shows he has played and the wicked Instagram theme he has managed to create. ​Jake has proved that music from Nashville isn’t just country. Percussive, electronic, and pop is the best way to describe Get in My Arms.

He has sold out shows and gained a passionate following. One of his most iconic performances was at his favourite shoe store, Rooted, in Nashville Tennessee a few months back. This was his album release party and there was nothing but fantastic things heard from the fans and Jake alike.

From his socialisation with his fans on Twitter and Instagram to playing in a fan’s basement, he comes from humble grounds and treats his fans with equality. Because of this, he has an ever growing cult fan base (shall we say he will have a fanbase similar to David Bowie’s?) The fandom became very prominent after the drop of the music video for ‘Always Been U’. From stunning color to a pink haired love interest, that is now his fiance as a matter of fact, it couldn’t have described Phangs better. Some fans even appeared in the music video, as requested by Jake himself.

“If you could describe your album as a person, who would it be?”


Phangs is the music, but it is also the experience. Listen to Phangs now so you can say you have been here since the beginning.

Words by Karen Larsen

Words by HQ

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