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Premiere: Aylee is keeping it ‘Real’

Aylee is ready for pop domination, and her latest single ‘Real’, sets her in perfect stride.

A track that finds its warrior strength in honest lyrics that both plead and cry for affection, it’s one that soars to the skyline and doesn’t let reaching the stars stop it. Big drums replicate a beating heart, as Aylee’s glossy vocals seal every sentence with a bubblegum kiss; the Scottish songstress has the warmest of auras.

Soft electronics weave throughout the airy rhythm, and quick bursts of energy flutter and dart into dancefloor filling moments carried by the loveliest of harmonies. A neon bright chorus secures it as a medicating hit of electro-pop goodness.

‘Real’ is a song that you love from the very first listen.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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