Premiere: Benny Mails performing ‘Senses’ for Vevo dscvr

Eliza Frost /
Oct 25, 2017 / Music

Watch Benny Mails perform ‘Senses’, featuring Art Daley, exclusively for Vevo dscvr via tmrw right here, right now. Drink of Hennessey in hand, an effortlessly cool aura, and with more talent than many have in their little finger – Benny Mails puts tingles through all of our senses with this track.

Benny Mails is the South London dancer turned MC who has rhythm running so naturally through his bare bones that it’s not surprising everyone is picking up on his career change from break-dancer to hip-hop rapper. Well, he is consistently nailing it after all, and recent track ‘Senses’ is no exception.

The single follows the true story of Benny getting arrested for doing graffiti with King Krule at the age of 16. The chorus reflects the hard sell of materialism via advertisement to the working class, showing Benny is not just a talented soul, but also speaks out.

His music feels raw and refined, and ‘Senses’ has these sultry jazz background beats that have created a super smooth flow throughout the entire track, placing this young artist’s latest release out of this stratosphere. With Art Daley coming in for the last verse, samples from Joe Hendersons’ – ‘Black Narcissus’, production by Kidkanevil with added bass by Jamie Benzies and keys by Wesley Yanks – this track is pretty special to be honest.

With an experimental nature, we’re excited to see what Benny does next. But in the meantime, we’ll make do with watching this video on repeat. And you should too.

Words by Eliza Frost

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