premiere: Billy Cullum’s latest track ‘Hands Are Gonna Fall’ is irresistible

Tanyel Gumushan /
Sep 21, 2017 / Music

Billy Cullum has put a new spin on intimacy.

His latest single ‘Hands Are Gonna Fall’ is a fizzy, euphoric song, that is as irresistible as the chemistry it describes.

Gorgeous falsetto weaves between glossy, sporadic beats that move to a hip swing and rhythm that curves up the silhouette of a tempting body figure. Effective in its minimalism, the dream-like textures are gentle to the touch. Billy’s vocal teases and tempts atop, confident in its desires and dancefloor-ready.

Billy describes the track as, “The moment you first touch that person you’ve been longing to for ages. That first skin on skin contact creates this magnetic electricity. It’s about that chemistry and sexual tension that’s been brewing for days, maybe weeks and it all gets charged into that first touch of the hand.”

‘Hands are Gonna Fall’ is a flirtatious three minutes that twists you into a daydream of late night seduction, but doesn’t sacrifice the romance.

Image by Darren Black

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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