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[Premiere] Lake Komo share delicate ‘Manners’

Jay Nudd, Liam Maxwell, Jess Gould, and Pete Bentley make up Lake Komo, a Manchester-based collective of post-millennial emotionalists who are currently deep into a debut album. Whilst the four-piece boast a discography that is melodiously diverse (they’re as comfortable with contemporary folk as they are with ambient synth-pop), their impressive musical collection remains united by one recurrent aspect – they’ll all punch you straight in the feelings.

Manners, their latest audible offering, is a delicate, whispering number, that sees vocalist Nudd capture all of the things that made the world so excited about the forthcoming Bon Iver record, and put into one, fragile piece of music. Lake Komo music.

We’re only skin and bone / Built to stand alone / Structures of defeat’ he cries during the song’s first verse – and let it be emphasised, cries is the operative word, here. Despite the heavy use of autotune on Nudd’s voice, you can hear him crack a little more with every syllable. It’s an incredibly personal piece of song-writing in which he bares all, crumbling in conjunction with his bandmates’ fragile instrumentals.

‘Manners is the most personal song I’ve written to date. It’s about a family member who had a huge impact on my life growing up who eventually succumbed to Alzheimers once she met her later years. There’s a sadness in this song that I don’t think will ever be matched in anything else I write,’ Nudd claims, forthrightly.

‘But I like to think that that sentiment is overpowered by the final message of the song, which is the appreciation and love I have for her. The final line of the song is referring to me when I used to take my shoes off before entering her house, and the hope that I’d do that when I see her again.’

Manners is a stripped back, brave piece of music, that doesn’t shy from the painful stuff. It takes Nudd’s sadness, and builds around it a sensitive wall of sound – not threatening to overshadow, but there to hold a hand. It’s beautiful.


Words by Niall Flynn

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