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Premiere: The Last Port feat. Tequisha ‘Say You Will’

Trained in classical classes, and immersed into the Parisian world of electronic music, The Last Port is a project built on a real knowledge and thrive for music with meaning.

Latest single, ‘Say You Will’, is haunting. A track that moves your heart and raises small goosebumps on the low of your arms.

Wistful vocals both written and performed by Tequisha flutter angelically, perfectly melodic and leaving a trail of heartfelt truth. They trill, almost ethereal, and enchant.

Delicate electronics cradle the vocal, at first twinkling and careful. They then stride confidently into a heavy, atmospheric soundscape that invites exploration and full attention.

It’s a romantic song; honest and thoughtful. Dangerous and safe.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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