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Premiere: Leo Stannard and Frances pay ode to their ‘Gravity’

It’s important to have that one person by your side.

The person who anchors you, the person that acts as a rock, the person who puts things into perspective when life is hectic and gets overwhelming. The cheerleader turn mediator, the guidance counsellor turn chief comfort-pasta-maker. The familiar voice in a crowded place.

For Leo Stannard, this person is doted on as his ‘Gravity’, and his latest track is an ode to them. It demonstrates the importance of having an ally.

All delicate strings and wistful wisdom, the track soars with the twinkle of young love; from the rush of finding it, to the real need of keeping it, to the fretful anxieties of ever losing it.

Hope and admiration drowns out the generous washing of melancholy that weaves through the vocal; ‘’you are the light that’s guiding me, the only one I see, the only one I need’. You can hear the subtle upturn of his lips into a smile, and the closed, shy eyes.

Having recently sold out his UK and European tour, signed to Black Butter records, and currently working on his debut album with Fred Ball (Rihanna, Madonna), Leo is on his way to becoming the next nation’s sweetheart.

In teaming up with songstress, Frances, gentle acoustics lift as the two collide in glorious, intimate harmony. They find strength together, optimistic and wide-eyed; giving insight into the whirlwind world of being a young musician.

Speaking about the track, Leo says: “I wrote ‘Gravity’ originally and then thought it’d be amazing to get a female vocal on it, but it had to be someone who really understood and felt the song. I wanted to make sure it really resonated with Frances as much as it does with me.

“She’s an incredible singer and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”

It’s Leo’s natural ability to connect, to draw you in to his life and experience it through his big heart and loving soul, that holds the power. To take a message so simple, and share it so intricately. Be transfixed.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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