Premiere: Molly Kate Kestner strips back ‘Prom Queen’

Tanyel Gumushan /
Aug 11, 2017 / Music

Stripped back in acoustic glory, Molly Kate Kestner’s ‘Prom Queen’ is a poignant national anthem for all.

Adding a tactile layer of darkness to the brooding pop song and waving a flag of recognition that every single person fights their own battles and has their own demons, the rendition is as moving as it is beautiful.

Wearing a tilted crown, Molly Kate Kestner’s smoky vocals are hungry for change and compassion. They explore true depth with a wise soul and a big heart, highlighting her undeniable elegance and sublime control.

Gentle piano keys cradle every clear word, desperate to be released. Each line cuts like a diamond, a glistening edge to the sharp truth, the combination means that they refuse to not be heard, nestling into the mind.

Performed live in a high school gym, the video sees the song in its purest form. It’s a perfectly fitting nod to the wholesome sentiment.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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