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[Premiere] The New Coast share sun-kissed new single, ‘Slow Down’

Indie-pop duo The New Coast have been busy crafting sun-kissed sounds of the Americana from the transatlantic comfort of East London.

Their new single, Slow Down, is an exercise in haziness, building slowly with all of the delicacy of a midnight sea breeze, showcasing the pairing’s penchant for smoky escapism. 

The track is minimal in its arrangement, with a combination of stripped-down strings and keys providing the musical backdrop for Blythe’s vocals. With The New Coast, the story-telling is as melodic as the instrumentals; it’s a distinctly entangled result, in a similar vein to their correlated approach to sounds and visuals. ‘When we started this project we knew that we wanted to be able to see something visual to coincide with the atmospheric music we were making,’ the band claimed. ‘Lyrically, setting a scene in our heads with words that feel slightly out of reach and detached from real life, like films, appeals to us as a band. This is how cinema and the world of film influences our sound.’

Slow Down very much adopts this hybrid approach to creative output, encompassing a number of different sounds and influences within its three minutes and forty-five seconds. It’s difficult to miss the influence of The 1975’s brand of ambient post-pop within the track, but there’s an anthemic quality to Slow Down that provides it with the cinematic quality that The New Coast have come to cherish. In a wonderful amalgamation, the track is as a haunting as it is infectious, as grand as it is bare. It’s a gorgeous insight to the band’s debut EP, Paraga Beach, a collection of songs that the Londoners have referred to ‘as a soundtrack and visualisation to something much bigger than we can even explain.’

“Sonically, it tells a story much like a film, an idealistic version of real life, coupled with lyrics that ask rhetorical questions that we aren’t even sure of the answer to. The words are searching and is trying to make sense of life around us,” they added. If Slow Down makes sense of anything, it’s that The New Coast are onto something. It’s a beautiful, fragile piece of pop music that showcases just how far the duo could go. 

Words by Niall Flynn

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