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[Preview] 888 11 Day Poker Festival

In recent years, the demand for tournament and live poker games has grown massively in popularity and a wide range of companies now offer avid players the chance to play in live tournaments. However, not one to be outshone, 888 has raised the bar by creating a dedicated poker festival cementing themselves as the innovative kings of the live online poker scene.

Go Big or Go Home!

Go big or go home, that’s the motto according to the brains behind one of the largest online gambling websites in the world – 888. As one would expect, 888Poker successfully spotted a niche in the packed market by recognising that people who enjoy poker also love festivals and they came to the genius conclusion to combine the two. And genius it is indeed.

Modern companies competing in any sector need to ensure their services and products are fresh and new, and in no industry is this incessant demand for bigger, better and different more apparent than in the world of poker.


These live poker festivals will take place over the space of 11 fantastic days and 888 promise that everything poker will be celebrated. A wide variety of tournaments are on offer, a range of buy-ins, longer structures and improved guarantees and these are just a few snippets of the wonders that await during the 888Live festivals.


The festivals will take place at different locations thrice a year with the first of its kind coming soon to none other than the capital itself – London.


From October 13-32, Aspers Casino will become the first ever venue to host such an event and the 11-day festival looks set to draw in poker fans in their thousands.


While there will undoubtedly be a few surprise famous faces turn up throughout the festivities, there are already lots of high rollers appearing on the tables including Dominik Nitsche, Chris Moorman and Sofia Lövgren. But these big names won’t find it easy to wipe the floor, as there is an attractive $888 bounty on all of their heads – likely hinting that there will be plenty more surprises for attendees throughout the festival.

Schedule & Events

There are lots of different events taking place and the ones that are currently garnering the most attention are the opening and main events and of course, these inevitably boast the biggest prize pool with a guaranteed £100,000 and £200,000 prize up for grabs. The total event prize pool looks set to hit a whopping £500,000 and the range of buy-ins covers a broad spectrum, with some a reasonable £120 such as the Lightening 6 Max and others like the £2,000 High Roller game. The first event requires a buy-in of £220 to mark the start of the festivities at 18:00 and other highly anticipated games include the Turbo Mega Deepstack and the 888Live Festival Main Event that will run from October 20-October 23.  

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a high roller or you simply want to join the celebrations, enter yourself and become part of history at the world’s first ever 11-day poker festival.

Words by Joe Brine

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