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Putting, ping pong and pork belly bao – introducing the Street Food Putter Club

It’s not every day you find yourself playing mini golf in a repurposed glue factory with a gin and elderflower cocktail in hand at one o’clock in the afternoon, but alas, today was one of those days.

Welcome to the Street Food Putter Club, a travelling event extravaganza for those of us who like a side of delicious treats with our competitive nature (it’s not just golf, there’s ping pong and boules too). So after three games, two helpings and one round of stalking, I managed to corner brothers (and the minds behind the whole thing) Ben and Josh Dantzic on the club’s big Glasgow debut.


The two have been doing their own thing for years now, Josh the Founder of ‘Paradise Island Adventure Golf’ and Ben one of the Founders of Glasgow favourites ‘Burger Meats Bun’ and ‘Bó Kantina’, had an idea to join forces to put on a completely different street food experience.

Josh: “These kinds of events have been popular in London and there’s been a trend for leisure activities mixed with street food. Obviously with what we both do, it kind of made sense to put mini golf and food together and try it out – there is a demand for events and different things around the city and it seemed like a good time to do it and a good opportunity.”

The venue has become a bit of a hub for cool goings on in the city, playing host to indie wedding fairs, gigs and now this – having been shown around by James the manager, straight away Josh and Ben knew this was the place to host the very first Street Food Putter Club. Glasgow has really opened up to street food over the last few years (despite the rain) and it’s a growing scene around these parts.


Ben: “Before we did this, Burger Meats Bun and Bó Kantina have been involved in a few street food events, so you’re definitely seeing more stuff going on. I think naturally these things start in London and work their way north, but thankfully Glasgow seems to be cottoning on to the demand for street food. Street food’s just great fun because you can take it anywhere and change the menu daily and you don’t have all the expense and rates that comes with a permanent space.”

Luckily, Ben and Josh have the reputable backing of their own companies to give this new event a springboard, but even then, first impressions are a pretty big deal when it comes to word of mouth (especially in this age of social media). So halfway through event 001 – what goes into pulling something like this off?

Josh: “I’ve opened five indoor golf courses that are fourteen thousand feet or more and this has probably been almost trickier than that. There’s been a lot of hard work that’s gone into this over the last couple of months.” 

Ben: “Due the amount of activities we’ve got going on at the event, and the fact we’ve done it all just the two of us, it probably was slightly more work than we thought it would be, but it’s been good and think we’ve pulled it off.  We work really well together and we’ll need to start planning the next one.”


Having been there and experienced it first hand, the guys certainly have pulled it off. Great venue, great atmosphere and great food (honestly, those pork belly bao buns are dynamite) it’s one of the best events I’ve been to in a long time and something completely different from the usual Saturday pub hop. So, what’s next?  Well, these guys have a whole host of ideas under their belt, so keep your eye on the ball (sorry) on their website, Facebook and Twitter to see what’s rolling up near you.


Street Food Putter Club


Words by Stephanie Boyle

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