RedFaces will get you in the mood for dancing

Alex Pearson /
Sep 18, 2017 / Music

RedFaces are just a bunch of kids but producing some big waves with their second release of 2017 and smashing the festival stages.

‘Take It or Leave It’ kicks off with a dirty bass line getting you in a groovy mood for dancing. The track may not be as upbeat or as lively but it comes to life in front of an audience – it’s action packed, cheesy and most importantly it is enjoyable to watch.

RedFaces say the song is about “living life how you want to and not listening to people telling you what’s “right” or “wrong” or “cool” – and you don’t care what people think of that fact.” They make a good point, the boys put it perfectly; “There’s no point wasting time trying to please people or follow a trend, just be happy and live how you want to.”

Words by Alex Pearson

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