Relive The Ice Cream Wars With Edwin and Oi Polloi’s Joint Collection

Niall Flynn /
May 25, 2017 / Style

What is a Great British summer?

A Great British summer is hayfever, sunburn, tinnies on the field and being chased by a farmer, It is thunderstorms, fish and chips and water balloons. It is Skegness, or somewhere similarly terrible. It is a BBQ, overseen by your shirtless, middle-aged dad, tipsy and domineering. It is subsequent food poisoning, and four long, shitty days in bed. It is your still-shirtless father, swearing that the chicken wasn’t pink when he served it.

The idea of the British summer conjures a whole wealth of memories, none of which are more potent than that  everlasting image of witnessing your first ice cream war. See, the ice cream business is a cut-throat game; it takes a certain kind of person to make it to the top. If you spot another van on your turf – your turf – you’ve got to do something about it. You’ve got to get them out of there. Words are said, tires are screeched, ice creams are spilled.

But it’s a part of who we are – and Manchester clothing giants Oi Polloi and EDWIN recognise that. In a collaborative effort, the two have shared a collaborative collection, inspire by those great, housing estate battles. With a range of jackets, chinos and classic dad hats available in ‘strawberry’, ‘vanilla’ or ‘mint’, it’s a street-smart ode to one of our country’s most thrilling, sun-soaked narratives.

Take a look at some of the items below.

Words by Niall Flynn

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