Rita Ora just wants to kiss ‘Girls’

George Griffiths /
May 11, 2018 / Music

And she’s taking Cardi B, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha along for the ride

Rita Ora. You know her. we know her. One of the greatest British pop stars of the past decade, and now a record-holding chart presence to boot, Rita Ora’s renaissance over this past year has been a thing of wonder to behold.

Today, the Ritaissance continues with the release of the he bisexual banger ‘Girls.’ It’s a big, bold, fiesty and hilarious pop track that finally unveils Rita Ora as the future superstar she’s always seemed to be.

Cardi B, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha have all jumped on the track, about getting a little drunk, a little high and, you now, just wanting to kiss girls. When the track was first unveiled, we were worried that the sheer number of voices on the track could see getting Rita lost in the mix and potentially ruin her big superstar moment. But we’re happy to report that Rita comes out of this track looking stronger than ever. She holds her own throughout and this is very clearly her song and her moment – the rest of the girls are just along the ride.

If anything, it’s a testament to Rita’s own charisma that she never disappears fully into the background – Charli XCX is criminally underused, Bebe Rexha, bless her, has the charisma of a plastic spoon and even Cardi’s verse, where she’s firing on all barrels, feels like a lovely addition to the track, not her stealing the show.

As statement pop songs go, this is hard to ignore. All the signs seemed aligned for this to be Rita’s big, international breakthrough and it’s come at the perfect time to stake the firs big claim of being the song of the summer.


  1. Rita rhymes the name ‘Laura’ with the word ‘lotta’

  2.  Charli XCX singing about weed

  3. The instantly iconic, ear worm chorus chant of ‘sometimes I just wanna kiss Girls! Girls! Girls!’

  4. Rita Ora is just like us – red wine makes her want to kiss people!

  5. BeBe Rexha’s second verse being the very definition of extra, she has an English accent at one point!

  6. ‘She getting down with me yeah…we can go up’

  7. Cardi B namedropping SZA in the context of scissoring

With all the will in the world, this should be a gigantic fuck-off hit. ‘Girls’ is a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek banger and we can’t think of any pop song right now that has as much fun with its story and production.

(Hopefully, this also paves the way for Rita’s now-mythical second album to make an appearance somewhere near the end of the year).

We’d like to say that listening to this song made us open to the idea of engaging in a romantic kiss with the opposite sex, but we’d be lying.

‘Girls’ is out now via Atlantic and you should definitely listen to it below:

Good, right?

Words by George Griffiths

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