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Hitting the road with Confidence Man

Confidence Man are are fantastically fun, flirtatiously fierce and basically, fucking amazing.

Hailing from Brisbane, the group twist their electronic pop into a sly smile with whip-sharp, smart lyrics and deliver them with an effortlessly air of cool and a middle finger attitude. Their tracks are like mini episodes of an ironic US sitcom.

The body moving slink of 90s infused ‘Bubblegum’ is almost nostalgic of primary school clapping games and chants. Whilst latest single, ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’, is slightly sadistic, with the video showing torment of Barbie’s flame, Ken. Taken in like a peppermint stick of rock, the hit is artificially sweet with a dark centre, but you can’t help but pick at it for more.

From Glastonbury to the BBC studios, to Down the Rabbit Hole in the Netherlands, to Berlin, then Switzerland, and back to London – we jumped on the road with the confident music makers.

“Having a pre-show tipple backstage at Glasto. Warming up is important.”

“Sugar in Berlin… thinking about getting a new whip.”

“Day 2 in Berlin, Clarence with his shirt off is actually a little scary.”

“Looking gewwwwd is essssential.”

“Working out can be fun.”

“Reggie at BBC studios.”

“Clarence came too!”

“The veil boys in Switzerland, basking in the spoils.”

“Doing it again in the Netherlands.”

“No lack for sauce for the Europeans.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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