Say YES to Louisa

George Griffiths /
Mar 16, 2018 / Music

You would have to be a special kind of dickhead to not recognise the brilliance of this song.

Isn’t it a great feeling when someone who you know is capable of making great music actually goes out and does it?

Not only a modern day re-inventuon of ‘Dirrty,’ Louisa manages to combine the sheer charisma of Britney and the kind of balls-to-the-walls craziness that seems to have disappeared from pop music in her new single and the best song you’ll hear for at least two weeks.

‘YES’ functions both as a re-birth for Louisa (notice she’s dropped the surname) as a pop star and as a barometer for just how serious she’s taking this after the brilliant ‘Best Behavior’ was snubbed on the charts last year.

We chatted to Louisa about the single this week, and she seems more determined and focused than ever, and ‘YES’ is just the kind of batshit-crazy banger she needs to start off a really good year.

In the words of the woman herself, she’s ready to “fuck shit up.”

You’ll hear more from us and Louisa next week, but just for now, we’ll leave you here with this.

It’ll blow your bloody head off.


Words by George Griffiths

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