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Saya pens a powerful essay on embracing our sexuality

The latest track from Saya is appropriately cool.

Like it’s name, it is best served ‘On Ice’.

Teaming up with Knucks, the end result is a seductively slick track that slips and slides to a rhythm that is quite simply, irresistible. Saya’s vocals continue to slay in trademark effortlessness, reigning in the attitude of an absolute goddess.

Already feeling like a RnB classic, defining modern elegance, the cut rides the wave of the high when everything begins to feel as though it’s falling into place. It’s a song about feeling yourself, and Saya continues to slay in her messages of empowerment.

In support of the track, she pens a mighty essay on womanhood and sexuality. Read it below.

“What a time to be a woman right? 2017.

In a world of double standards, societal pressure, and having to deal with our periods… we land on the controversial topic of modern day feminism. There are countless perspectives on feminism today, and the spectrum of sexual identity is so broad… at the end of the day feminism ultimately is about striving for equality and sexuality is just one topic of the many aspects of feminism.

Everyone has their limits of what they feel comfortable with; everyone expresses their sexuality differently, on their own terms. We can’t judge other people for that. How can you judge someone who has embraced their own body? That is a beautiful thing and a very difficult thing that people often battle with everyday. It is enchanting to be able to love your flaws and feel confident with yourself – inside and out… to recognise your own beauty and find solace within your body/mind – to not do things for other people’s needs and expectations but to simply live for yourself and make healthy decisions for YOU.

I feel grateful to be able to express my sexuality through my art. My visuals and lyrics are often of a sexual nature. It is something I am passionate about; I am fascinated with the human condition and our desires as human beings – what we lust for, what drives us, what weighs us down… I want to make music for everyone, but I always try to come at it from an empowering perspective. There is so much taboo and stigma around the expression of sexuality, and I am able to push the boundaries of that within my own craft.

In my music video for my single ‘Cold Fire’ I play a confident ‘masculine’ personality with the ability to control fire at my own will. I wanted the video to be bold, powerful and raw. I drew a lot of inspiration for the overall theme of this video from one of my favourite filmmakers, Kenneth Anger. His work is extremely erotic and satanic; it’s intense and captivating. I referenced a few scenes from various shorts of his in my mood board for colouring and texture ideas. I referenced scenes from Eyes Wide Shut as well. I wanted to do some sort of stripper scene, and have other woman in the video with me  – but I wanted everyone to feel empowered by their role. To me the video is intimate yet unapologetic… it highlights the female body and its beauty along with its power.

I think we should celebrate women who can confidently express themselves instead of shaming them.”


photos by: Austin G Chan


Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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