Sofia Ek’s The Minefield Girl is a multifaceted triumph

Naureen Nashid /
Feb 16, 2018 / Culture

Swedish author, Sofia Ek, released her first audiovisual book, The Minefield Girl, earlier this month.

The story is based around Ek’s personal experiences from when she spent time in Libya producing investment reports for SmartMoney, a monthly publication by the Wall Street Journal. Libya, at the time, was under Gaddafi’s strict, and often, harsh regime.

Ek says of the experience, “I walked a very thin line in Libya because I was a young woman in business and I got powerful peoples attention simply because of that. I learned that as a woman you have to work harder and smarter. I also learned not to be scared of my wants and needs, even if they might seem overambitious to others. Libya, even so far away and disconnected in a sense proved to be a great teacher on world politics and life in general.”

During her time in Libya, Ek found herself constantly in turmoil and never really reflected on what was happening around her, or even inside herself. She wrote the book as a way to process her experiences and how she felt about it. “My life is very different today and I’m older and more secure so now I have the courage, that I lacked back then, to face my past,” Ek reflects.

Ek is most proud of the way that she launched her story. After writing the book, she teamed up with Black Dove, a digital art platform and mobile application. With them, she selected 18 contemporary artists to create, with complete freedom, a 2 minute digital art piece representing the entirety of each chapter of their choice. Each of the artists have a different style and background, allowing for there to be more drama and diversity. Some of the artists include, Alina Tenser, Andrea Wolf, Jay Davis, Jonah King, Gabriel Barcia Colombo, and Jon Kessler.

Actress, Camilla Belle, narrated the book. Ek explains, “Camilla has never done an audiobook before so when I approached her about this she was hesitant. However, when I explained that it was not just a regular audiobook but also a visual story, I managed to persuade her. I love Camilla’s voice and her performance is great. She truly went all in.”

The Minefield Girl is a must for ambitious, working women of our age. The advice that Ek gives the young girls who listen to her book is, “We are living in a world where ‘perfect’ is the new norm. However, if you’re going down the road less travelled where there is no roadmap and you are bound to mess up, that’s ok. You don’t have to be perfect.”

The book has been released on Spotify’s new multimedia format, “Spotlight.” The audio version is available on Audible as well.

Sofia Ek's The Minefield Girl is a multifaceted triumph

Words by Naureen Nashid

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