the songs of my life: OUTLYA

Tanyel Gumushan /
Oct 4, 2017 / Music

Some songs are just momentous.

It’s like they fell from the sky and right into your lap to soundtrack that exact moment in your life; to dramatise it and make it simply unforgettable. Glitzy newcomers, OUTLYA, have a real knack for those big songs for those suiting big moments.

Crafting songs that demand movement and to be sang aloud with friends arms hanging loosely around your shoulders, their epic slices of indie pop are ones that you’ll listen back to in ten years time and remember exactly who you were and where you were. Euphoric choruses are limitless, whilst the distinguishable vocal is instantly brooding with lyrics of the now.

They describe the songs of their life.

“The song that makes me…


Will: “Penguin Cafe’s, ‘Coriolis‘. I think this song is the resonant frequency to make my tear ducts go into overdrive. It’s so sparse and simple and sounds like a farewell.”

Want to sing on karaoke

Henry: “‘Take Your Mama’ . We love covering this song in rehearsals, and it’s even better in Karaoke trying to belt out those high notes!”


Henry: “‘Bloc Party’s ‘So Here We Are‘. Takes me back to chilling out with friends when I was 15, first getting into music properly and going to gigs etc..”

Want To Dance:

Willem: “Blue Pedro – Bullion. We were all sat together when we first heard this song and couldn’t work it out. Skip forward a week and it’s my favourite song of the year and cannot stop myself bursting into a jig whenever it comes on. 2017, the year of the sea shanty.”

Song of Childhood

Willem: “‘Atlantis‘ by Donovan. I know my parents played a lot of music around the house but I can’t really remember any of it except for a handful of songs. I have this clear as day memory of sitting on my mum’s lap driving down a dirt road in France, her operating the pedals and me steering the wheel whilst all of us belted out the chorus lyrics to ‘somewhere beneath the ocean…'”

Think differently

Henry: “Sing Street’s ‘Drive It Like You Stole It‘. Really inspires you when you’re down in the dumps. I have it on my running playlist as well, gives you a wicked boost when you’re struggling towards the end.”

Feel empowered

Henry: “Travis ‘Sing’. A really simple message; when you’re down, or feel a bit lost, singing can be a really great cure. The the minor to major shift in the chorus makes it that much more empowering.”

Listen to the lyrics

Henry: “The 1975’s ‘Somebody Else‘. With lyrics, I love the more metaphorical writings like on Bon Iver’s second record, but there’s nothing more poignant than something that just hits you square on the nose. And this song encapsulates a feeling I think everyone can relate to.”

Air guitar

Henry: “Dick Dale’s ‘Miserlou‘. One of the original guitar classics, and still one of the best.”

Feel like I’ve transported elsewhere

Henry: “Hammock – ‘Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow‘. From one of my favourite ambient groups. This just puts me in such a meditative state, really relaxing and trance-like.”

Feel instantly happy

Willem: “Hall and Oates – ‘You Make My Dreams‘. How could anyone possibly not feel happy listening to this song? No matter where I am or what I’m doing, if this song comes on I will start clicking my fingers for the remaining 3 minutes and 7 seconds.”

Wish I’d written it

Henry: “Band of Horses – ‘No One’s Gonna Love You‘. One of my all time favourite songs. The chord progression, the lyrics, everything about this song I love. You can play it on a crappy guitar, really drunk and it still sounds great.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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