the songs of my life: The Shadowboxers

Tanyel Gumushan /
Nov 13, 2017 / Music

Hot Damn!

Those are the words that may spill from your mouth, as the glorious funk tinged rhythm flows through your veins upon pressing play of the latest slice of pop goodness from The Shadowboxers.

Rhythmic and truly irresistible, the velvety soul harmonies of this three piece lush into each other in classic RnB fashion. This is truly a track that pulls you up to your feet, takes you by the hips, and refuses to let you go until you give in to its upbeat groove. There’s something timeless about the track, but something as refreshing as the first sip from a fizzy can of cold lemonade.

Get to know the Nashville band three piece through the songs of their life.

The song that makes me cry… 
Matt: “Donny Hathaway – ‘A Song for You’
The performance of that song, to me, is the definition of emotion. Pure emotion in song form. It’s just bare piano and an incredible voice making you feel those words. ”

The song that makes me want to sing karaoke… 
Matt: “Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney – ‘The Girl is Mine’
There’s actually a specific reason for this choice and that’s because Scott and I use that song as our go-to karaoke duet. We split up the Michael and Paul parts between us, including the monologue towards the second half of the song. It’s just a goofy song and it’s fun.”

The song that makes me reminisce…
Matt: “Steely Dan – ‘Reelin’ in the Years’
This song reminds me of being a kid, in the summer, out on a lake somewhere. It just reminds me of my youth and a point in my life when I was learning about all of the music that informed my musical taste for the future.”

The song that makes me want to dance…
Matt: “Robyn – ‘Dancing on my Own’
It makes me want to aggressively dance whether I’m with a group of people or on my own.”

The song that makes me remember childhood…
Adam: “Van Halen – ‘Jump’
My dad, for some reason, had a laserdisc player that like, maybe, four people had in the world, and he had a Van Halen concert disc and I used to fucking lose it to that song.”

The song that makes me think differently…
Adam: “Talking Heads – ‘Psycho Killer’
This song makes me think differently because well I think it’s from the perspective of a serial killer, which is not my normal perspective. Also, there’s randomly some French in there that’s completely inexplicable.”

The song that makes me feel empowered…
Adam: “Thin Lizzy – ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’
Because the boys ARE back in town.”

The song that makes me listen to the lyrics…
Adam: “John Mayer – ‘Queen of California’
I have listened to this song probably a thousand times and every single time I do I discover some new clever term of phrase in the lyrics.”

The song that makes me air guitar…
Scott: “Natalie Imbruglia – ‘Torn’
Sometimes with air guitar I take a less-is-more kind of approach which is why I’ve chosen this song. It’s a very simple guitar solo, a three-note guitar solo at the end of the song, but I’ll be damned if there isn’t a better guitar solo to just cry to with your fingers.”

The song that makes me feel like I’ve transported elsewhere…
Scott: “Pink Floyd – ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’
I don’t know who is singing at the end of that song, but I feel like I’m on another planet. I remember the first time I heard it, I was in the airport with headphones on, looking around and wondering if anyone else felt like there was a beam of light shining on them and they were ascending into the abyss or if it was just me.”

The song that makes me feel instantly happy… 
Scott: “The Lion King – ‘The Circle of Life’
Obviously because this song is attached with the movie and the opening scene of that movie is just everything. What a payoff, what an emotion…”

The song that makes me wish I’d written it… 
Scott: “The Lion King – ‘The Circle of Life’
This would have to be the same answer. Just think for a second that you wrote ‘The Circle of Life,’ wouldn’t you feel better? You’d probably feel like you were at the edge of a cliff somewhere looking at a beautiful safari with Rafiki by your side.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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