Here are the songs we want to hear in Stranger Things 2

Brigid Harrison-Draper /
Oct 13, 2017 / Film & TV

Stranger Things Season Two is set to return on October 27.

Naturally, we are itching to find out what the hell is going to happen this season. Like, where is Barb is hiding? (because she is just hiding, right? … right???)  However, alongside the monsters, mayhem and youthful displays of unbreakable friendship, one thing shall continue to reign supreme in the hit sci-fi series: that’s right, he ’80s, baby.

Stranger Things 2 follows the boys one year after finding Eleven and all that upside down malarkey. It takes place in 1984, the year that Radio One refused to play Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s biggest hit Relax and Ghostbusters hit the screens, giving everybody another reason to love Bill Murray in the process. But, with another year, comes another twelve months of music to celebrate – so without further ado, here are the top ten tracks that we all want to hear in the new season.



Ghostbusters’ – Ray Parker Jr

The year that saw the release of the cultural phenomena that was Ghostbusters. From what we already know, Episode One of Season Two takes place at Halloween, so why not put this track in there? You know it makes sense.

‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ – Band Aid

It may have become a song that makes us think of Gavin and Stacey straight away, but ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ was a tune that created the idea of applying music to raise awareness for charitable reasons. It was recorded in one day in November 1984 and it held the title of being the biggest selling record of all time in the UK. Couldn’t you just imagine Will listening to this track in his room? Or Mike playing this and thinking of Eleven. Does she even know it’s Christmas? She probably doesn’t.

‘I Want To Break Free’ – Queen

Eleven certainly wants to break free from the Upside Down (if, of course, that’s where she is). We all know the music video, a Coronation Street style front room with members of Queen representing the real working class family. It became a defining track for those who wanted to break free from social norms, something that producers of Stranger Things try to bring into their production of the programme. It also makes a good Upside Down pun.

The Wild Boys’ – Duran Duran

A track for when the boys are all together. A special moment on screen, the reuniting of the ‘Wild Boys’. Maybe less wild as they spend their spare time just fighting evil monsters from another dimension, Will, Mike Dustin and Lucas are the real Wild Boys in this show.

99 Red Balloons’ – Nena

This synth layered track reinvented German pop overseas and became a hit for Nena. In the previous season of Stranger Things, producers didn’t shy away from the use of synth infused songs. In the US, the original German version of the song topped the charts and you can defiantly envision the artistic Jonathan Byers playing this on his cassette. At least we can.

The Killing Moon’ – Echo and The Bunnymen

Although best known for its role in the Donnie Darko soundtrack, the eeriness of The Killing Moon’ embodies the supernatural sounds that Stranger Things carries throughout the episodes. It may have only been a hit for a short while but ‘The Killing Moon’ became a legendary track for young alternative music lovers who refused to digest the pop charts.

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ – The Smiths

Similar to aforementioned Echo and The Bunnymen tune, ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ by The Smiths is a track that was for the poetic teens of the 80’s who moved away from tutu’s and roller-skates and towards riding bicycles and Oscar Wilde. The morbid tones of the song seem to fit perfectly in the alternative state that Stranger Things is settled in. Good one for a heartbreak montage, too.

‘Shout’ – Tears For Fears

Commentated as being one of the most rememberable tracks of it’s era, ‘Shout’ was written to encourage people to get out and protest. In 2010 it was used as the unofficial anthem of the England team in the FIFA World Cup, but please – please – less about that. The context behind this song provides us with a good enough reason to have it on this list: as many people feared the aftermath of the Cold War, it gave everybody a reason to have their voice heard. 1984 was an important year for American politics, which is something we’re sure that the creators of Stranger Things were aware of with this new season.

 ‘Thieves Like Us’ – New Order

Mixing dance music with synth music, ‘Thieves Like Us’ is the epitome of what the 1980’s sounded like. A running theme throughout Stranger Things is friendship and love and how it can overcome anything. Bernard Sumner in the chorus sings, “it’s called love and it belongs to us”. Whether you are wishing for a relationship to blossom between Mike and Eleven (please), or for just a good, solid display of friendship, this track would be an asset to the major scene we know we’re going to get.

‘Upside Down’ –The Jesus and Mary Chain

The final track in the wish list. Maybe because of the clear Stranger Things reference in the title, or maybe because it embodies the awkward teen angst that we see in characters on the show. The first single by JAMC brings out the eerie, gothic sounds that would fit perfectly in the early episodes of Stranger Things 2 and we reckon they could do a lot worse than include it. A proper banger.




Words by Brigid Harrison-Draper

Words by Brigid Harrison-Draper

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