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February can often be a difficult month.

With January sapping away the residual goodwill of Christmas and New Year, the following month can seem like a slow limp into a new year that you once thought was full of joy and promise. You close your eyes and when they reopen you realise it’s almost March. The slow limp has turned into a sprint. You’ve now become aware of the speed of time. Days soon become a blur. You gaze at a calendar and realise you’re getting closer to another year older but no more wiser. You have so much more left to do but now much less time to do it. You panic as all your visions become filled with existential dread. It seems there’s no escape. But you’re wrong. There’s one thing that can help you…

Stuff. New stuff. Lovely, shiny new stuff. This lovely new stuff can help you. Distract you. With lovely new stuff it can feel like you’re bending the very fabric of time to your whim. Your breathing will soon begin to normalise and everything will become clear once again. These items below are but passports to a calmer you. You’re welcome.


Geneva Acustica @ £229

In the busy world of Bluetooth speakers, there aren’t many companies that focus on how it looks as well as how it sounds. Boasting a real wood cabinet, finished with an eco-leather cladding and combined with an aluminium top the speaker is a statement piece that delivers exactly what you want yet doesn’t take a chunk out of your bank balance.


The Cords @ £180

The world of work has inspired many of the fashion greats and the brains behind Cords are no different. Their Noah Mid Indigo Corduroy shirt evokes images 70s subcultures and an era of pop culture classics. In true Cords style this shirt is a classic look given a contemporary finish and welcoming in the cord revival.


Crosley Turntable @ £200

Vinyl’s back baby! With the record renaissance now in full swing we’re in the age of the fashionable record players and Crosley are at the forefront of this new movement. Their portable Nomad record player comes in a vintage-style briefcase silhouette, upholstered with textured fabric giving it a neutral finish perfect for any room. The turntable is also USB-ready so you can convert your favourite LPs into digital files and never be without that special vinyl sound again.

Belgian Boy’s Mini Cookie Stash @ £0.80

Belgium have always had an obsession with people’s health. Creators of the Body Mass Index it’s no surprise that two of their sons would create a snack that is as tasty as it is healthy. The Belgian’s Boys’ Mini Cookie Stash’s are vegetarian and contain no nuts, palm oil or artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. At less than 140 calories they’re a moustache you wouldn’t be upset to have.


Herschel x Independent Truck @ £85

Canadian bag masters Herschel have teamed up with skate’s biggest cult company Independent and we just love the results. Their Pop Quiz backpack is well equipped for school and work, featuring a versatile range of storage pockets and organisers. With a classic Herschel design, the additional features like a leather bottom ensures you’ll always have a premium place to store your stuff.

Lacoste Lt Duel @ £100

Inspired by Lacoste’s rich tennis legacy, their LT Duals range are a sleek, lightweight sneaker perfect for the court or paired with chinos for that laid back yet refined aesthetic you’ve spent all weekend Googling about. With a padded outsole and a textile lining, comfort is never sacrificed in the name of fashion. They can’t promise they’ll make you the new Djokovic or Serena Williams, but you’ll at least have the look nailed down.


Karma Cola Original @ £1.50

Things usually taste better when you know they come from a good place. That’s why we’re such big fans of Karma Cola. Made with Fairtrade organic cane sugar and real cola nut gown by the Mende and Temne people of Sierra Leone, this isn’t your everyday soft drink. With part of the proceeds from each bottle going to the cola growers’ families, you’ll be helping people with every gulp. Makes it taste all the more sweeter


Original Penguin Windbreaker @ £130

Protect yourself from anything nature can throw at you and ensure you always look good doing it with Original Penguins textured block breaker. Echoing Original Penguins call to arms of always being original, you can mix this jacket with any outfit and love the outcomes. You may not be able to trust the weather report, but you can at least trust your clothes to help you through.

Penhaligon’s Scent Library @ £20

It can be tough sometimes, attempting to find that perfect scent. That’s why classic British perfume house Penhaligon’s have developed their scent library. Comprising ten samples of their most popular fragrances including Quercus (Fresh, as warm as English oak; strong stable and modern) and Luna (Sparkling first with Bergamot oil and lemon primofiore, it soon find a dream-like calm.) it’s the perfect gift as gift for a friend or yourself.

Converse One Star @ £65

Converse’s skating classic from 1974 is back with another iteration. Designed for comfort, these suede trainers boast the signature rubber sole which has been engineered for optimum wearer enjoyment. With a red textured suede upper and prominent cut out star branding, they’re an easy way to add a little bit of that vintage look to your wardrobe


Google Home Mini @ £49

Do you have too many appointments to keep track of or are you up half the night filled with so many existential questions? Like always Google have an answer for all of life’s speedbumps with their Google Home device. Using your voice to get real-time answers to things you want to know, including the latest weather, traffic, finance, news, sports and more you truly feel the future has arrived. Just maybe don’t watch Black Mirror before you boot yours up.

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Words by Daniel Eggleston

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