Statement are here to change how you shop for accessories

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Aug 31, 2017 / Style

According to the minds behind Statement, men’s accessories don’t get the coverage they deserve. Not online, at least.

After spending hours browsing website after website – to little or no avail – they decided to do something about it. Thus, Statement was launched, with the aim of taking the best independent jewellery and accessory brands from all over the world and sticking them together in one, easy-to-navigate place: the Statement website.

Shocked at the lack of variation and options out there, it was time to get out the orange bullet journal and put together a plan of unreadable brain maps and diagrams that made sense to us, but to no one else,” reads a declaration on the website. “After taking some time to refine our vision of what we wanted to do, perform some extensive market research and decipher the scribbles, Statement was born and we were ready to travel the world to find the best designers.”

Need a silver, Spanish colonial coin necklace? Here’s your place. Atlantic salmon leather bracelet with gold cord? Say no more, lads. A Swedish watch with black face and NATO strap? Bingo! They’ve done us a solid – and we’re eternally grateful.

Check out the website here.

Statement are here to change how you shop for accessories

Words by HQ

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