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Mar 12, 2018 / Music

At least there are no robots in this one

Last night (Mar 11), Taylor Swift debuted the music video for her newest single, ‘Delicate’ at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

The song is one of our favourites from reputation, and finds Tay back in fine old form after a brief stumble thanks to ‘End Game’ and its Ed Sheeran-enabling feature.

We’re nothing if not forgiving, though, and ‘Delicate’ is an absolutely gorgeous synth-pop semi-ballad, produced by regular Swift collaborators Max Martin and Shellback.

It’s the kind of bold, mature statement that Taylor should be focusing on, and the fact that it has a few callbacks to her best single ‘Style’ isn’t lost on us.

Lyrically, ‘Delicate’ is a decisive return to form for Taylor Swift: master lyricist. It conjures up sensual imagery of those fertile, head-spinning first few weeks in a new relationship where you don’t quite know where you stand, whilst also being a pretty great rumination on Taylor’s ‘reputation’ and how it affects her personal life. It’s a love song that isn’t really about love, but all the noise surrounding it.

In that vein, the Joseph Kahn-directed visual eschews the romantic context of the single and instead plays up the reputation aspect – Taylor suddenly finds herself invisible to those around her. No reputation, no rules. There’s a lot of ‘quirky’ dancing and ‘relatable’ physical comedy.

Is it a bit of a missed opportunity? Yes. Is it a bit regrettable to see Taylor playing up a cutesy character when that illusion has already been shattered magnificently by ‘Look What You Made Me Do’? Yes.

Can we ignore the fact that this is the best single choice off reputation? No.

Props where props are due; Taylor Swift makes peerless pop music.

Watch the video for ‘Delicate’ below:

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