the ten rules of Sad Boys Club

Tanyel Gumushan /
Jan 3, 2018 / Music

If you would like to join the Sad Boys Club, there are some things that you should know.

One of which, is that their latest single – conveniently titled, ‘Know’ – is a bit of an anthem for the broken hearted. A whiskey hit of a vocal burns with a moody fire right from the belly, sitting pretty atop of glittering guitar. The track is slightly sullen, but teeters with a subtle line of groove, creating a feel that it could well be thunderously timeless.

It was written by the band at the age of just 15, and whilst tapping into the drama of the trials and tribulations of growing up. Its poetic lyricism of teenage self loathing and caged frustration are made to be sang along to; alcohol in one hand, and power grabbing with the other.

Hailing from Crouch End and with this emotive corker of a debut single, these are the ten rules of the Sad Boys Club.

  1. You DO talk about Sad Boys Club. We need the exposure.
  2. Boycott Lucozade. We stand firmly in support of The Rhythm Method, whose call to nationalise ’zade following the recipe change falls firmly in line with our values, of which we have many, but live by few.
  3. No lager.
  4. Don’t put glasses of water on the mixing desk. Unfortunately a necessity following an awkward fist-fight brawl during the recording of ‘Know’.
  5. Never judge a song before you’ve driven to it.
  6. When in doubt, consult Herzberg (Tom, guitarist). Herz is an enigma ripe for the zeitgeist, his wisdom; hit and miss.
  7. No brown trousers.
  8. Always use three overdrive pedals. Otherwise there’s not enough drive.
  9. XTC are not a band solely worth talking about when meeting someone called Nigel.
  10. Whatever else Dua Lipa introduces as regulation shall be accepted by all as kosher.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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