So That’s What Tyga Was Talking About

Mollie Mansfield /
Jan 18, 2017 / Music

So that “secret” release that Tyga didn’t want to reveal when talking to us in our 5th Anniversary, Volume #16 cover edition was kept quiet for a reason.

I’m actually working on a new single right now that’s going to be a surprise, I don’t want to ruin it yet, that’s going to be coming out.

Despite us already knowing about his fresh alliance with Yeezy and his admission into his label, GOOD music, we didn’t know that his end of year release would come with a special appearance.

Feel Me was released on New Years Day, just in time to help nurse your Tesco value vodka hangover, and it presented itself as a sign for how Tyga’s year is going to go. The total sound of Tyga has seemed to revert back to his trap like ways, however leaving the misogynistic lyrics back with Pleazer in 2015. And you can tell the sound has been influenced by his current point-of-call, even so far to the point that Kanye somewhat goes unnoticed in the track, which is something we could never imagine.

Tyga officially signed to Kanye’s label GOOD Music on September 7, and even though he wanted to try it solo after leaving Cash Money, he obviously couldn’t say no.

Well, I kind of just wanted to do my own thing and see what I wanted to do, but Kanye is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We always cross each other’s paths, like the last six years, I would be in the studio with him. I was in the studio with him when he was working on ‘Yeezus’ and was kind of watching that whole process. And I think it got to the point where I was finally out of my Cash Money deal and I was a free agent and then he kind of approached me with it, and was like we just need to build overall with fashion, clothes, music, everything and next thing I know we’re just announcing it on New York on stage and I was like ‘man this is crazy’.”

Read the full cover interview in Volume #16 of tmrw Magazine.


Words by Mollie Mansfield

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