The Childhood Friends Behind The Globe-Trotting Label

Felicity Carter /
May 8, 2017 / Style

when friends Angelina and Julia first met during their childhood, they may not have envisioned setting up their own fashion label more than 10 years on. but now, here they are with their rtw brand, the nude london.

having travelled all over the globe, the luxe wander-lusting pair have been united by their love of all things fashion and girly, “we have known each other since childhood and have always been inspired by femininity and beautiful dresses. each one of us has lived all over the world: tokyo, london, paris, moscow and have drawn inspiration from there.”

honing in on their fashion skills via various counties, they’ve studied in moscow, paris and japan respectively; julia at king’s college, queens mary university, esmod paris, while angelina studied at moscow state university and waseda university in japan. there’s no wonder then that their collection has global appeal with a universal femininity. after all, they are known for their dresses, and the pair’s favourite being the “queen mary dress, it’s both sexy and feminine rolled into one,” they say.

undoubtedly the pair is big on feminity and all things whimsical, which is evident through not only the cut but also the colour palette of their collections. delicate and light dresses join floral-printed blouses but some sharp tailoring is also included for that contemporary edge, they explain that “when we started our label we knew that we wanted to create that effortlessly cool feminine look with our brand. we both love dresses and the pure feminine beauty. we were looking for the perfect dress and then decided to make one ourselves!”

The Childhood Friends Behind The Globe-Trotting Label

as life-long friends, they’ve always shared a similar aesthetic, “i think we are both very similar, we love wearing dresses and heels, but can put on a pair of boyfriend jeans and still look chic!” while, of course, they look to the powerhouses for inspiration, “We both love the mix of chloe, prada and dior – to us, these brands represent beauty and femininity.”

designed for women all over the world, these girls are big on female empowerment, “seeing how different and beautiful women are everywhere,” is a major source of inspiration. “having the chance to see how different cultures express themselves through fashion is amazing. We love being girls wearing dresses, feeling that summer wind in your long hair, it’s amazing!”

in that vein of thought, now the sun it out, we are looking to their spring/summer 2017 and getting excited about these flirty dresses, they describe their line as “very light and feminine, in keeping with our signature look; expect lots of delicate, soft pastel colours.” bring on summer, we say.

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Words by Felicity Carter

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