Bidding farewell to summer ’18

Emma McCormack /
Oct 3, 2018 / Style

Wasn’t it blissful? It brought more sun and rooftop adventures than we could have ever imagined. Between the blissful weather, Love Island taking over and football almost coming home, it really was one to remember. Fashion had a lot to answer for during the heatwave, and it certainly delivered. There are five pieces that really captured our attention.

Take the micro angular cat eye sunglasses, for instance, impractical and worn wrong, like a bad Specsavers ad, but they certainly were everywhere. From our Instagram feeds, to our Pinterest boards, right through to the trusty high street. Greeted with complete confusion amongst anyone over 30, but adored by the social media savvy.

While we’re talking throwbacks, animal prints were centre stage – from festivals to workwear, leopard and snake were definite summer headliners. Some brave individuals opted for head-to-toe, whereas some were able to integrate subtle hints with jewellery, hair accessories and bags. Rest assured, these garish prints won’t be going anywhere for Autumn Winter. Update silky midis and maxis with heavy knitwear, and you could even pair with the next item… the infamous, and undeniably ugly, white chunky dad trainers. Think American soccer dad and you’re on the right track.

Initially, this was one I wasn’t ready to explore, but after every feed being flooded with them, my opinion was soon swayed. Although, some still bear too close of a resemblance to orthopaedic footwear for me. The Balenciaga pair were the original trailblazers, but the high street soon caught on, with ‘ugly’ trainers becoming a landmark online and in stores. This one will continue to reign supreme for the rest of 2018 for sure.

You won’t be a stranger to millennial pink, well there’s a new rival shade on the block. It comes in the form of Gen Z yellow. A colour traditionally synonymous with sunshine and happiness, so it’s only right that this shade becomes aptly affiliated with the generation who are finding their place in the working world. Its vibrancy makes it more of a statement and has therefore not swept the nation in quite the same way as millennial pink. No bad thing there then.

This final one is wrong in so many ways, but executed well, is utterly brilliant. A later trend of the summer, but no less momentous, boiler suits à la Kevin Webster. It’s easy to get on board with any one-piece item that is a look in itself. Think of all the time spared. But this trend isn’t the easiest to nail. Worn wrong and you look nothing short of a teletubby, and done correctly, less construction worker and chic-er. It definitely takes some experimenting with colour and texture to find the right one. Fortunately, there has been a lot of choices, spanning baby pink, denim, khaki and nude, amongst other varieties.

As we pack away our summer gear and prepare for a new season, we’ll look back on this summer as one we’ll never forget. Like a new school term we await new trends, new fads and new inspiration… But, how many of these are revivals? Let’s hope some trends are forgotten. We better not be reaching for legwarmers come October, because no Instagram sensation can make that work (surely).

Words by Emma McCormack

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