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The 1975 drop video to forlorn ode ‘Somebody Else’

The 1975 have dropped their video to forlorn ode “Somebody Else” in a dazzling spectacle of internet hysteria. Following on from “A Change of Heart” the video tackles narcissism, loneliness, sobriety and acceptance in an effort to paint a picture that accurately reflects the effect of fame on the mind and how that experience of untold devotion ties in with personal struggles.

Lyrically the song tackles the breakdown of a relationship and the long night afterwards. Visually the scene changes. Matty single handedly fucks himself, beats himself, drinks himself into a stupor and makes decisions based on unknown reasonings he is combating in his head. This war of the mind when presented as a tangible and real event creates a sense of disturbance purely on the basis that it is not an issue often tackled thereby the viewer is left feeling vulnerable and exposed. The ultimate goal is evidently to enable the viewer to take something from the whole experience on a personal level.

Matthew and Co attempted to master the art of silence with as much noise as they could muster, to shock and challenge through the simple visual representation of what we as humans do on a daily basis: destroy ourselves to cope. In a world where the sexualisation, demonisation and sensationalisation of celebrity is used to block out the fears in our own lives and strive for something we perceive as “better” it is insightful to see that all things come at a cost both physically and mentally.


The 1975 are on the cover of Volume #13 of TMRW. This volume features a 28 page exclusive interview and photo-shoot with platinum selling band, The 1975 where lead singer, Matthew Healy talks religion, Antichrist and his vision of light. The music pages also include exclusive photo-shoots and interviews with Oh Wonder, The NBHD, Honne, Wolf Alice, Billie Marten, Mahalia and Rat Boy.

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Words by Aaron Powell

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