This Is Our Culture: Áine Cahill

George Griffiths /
Apr 3, 2018 / Music

Last year was just the beginning for Áine Cahill.

After playing sold-out shows at St Pancras Church and all over the Emerald Isle, she took her show on the road to Glasto, Latitude and Secret Garden Party.

This year is set to be even bigger for Áine, she was announced as one of the first wave of artists for Great Escape, and will also be playing a show at The King’s Head in the East End April 12th (tickets for that gig are available here).

All that is to come, but for now this is Áine Cahill. This is her culture.

‘Bad and Beautiful’

I was sitting in my bedroom a few years ago trying to learn two of my favourite songs, Lady Gaga – Bad Romance and Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful. I noticed that the chords are the same so I mashed them together. I have used it in the set since I started gigging. It has evolved loads over time.

Favourite Song

At the moment I love ‘Ocean Eyes’ by Billie Eilish. What a song. Her EP is great in general. Anything from Lana is always on my favourite list. ‘Teen Idle’ by Marina and the Diamonds is a song I wish I wrote myself.


‘Paparazzi’ by Lady Gaga live at the VMA’s 2009, the audible gasps from the crowd when she started to ‘bleed’ is amazing. That performance was a game changer for me. I can get inspiration for songs from anywhere really, sometimes my own life, other times from things I observe, or I create this image in my head and tell you what I see. It all depends on the session – it’s different all the time.

Tour Essentials

Pineapple juice, chocolate M&M’s, mochas from Costa, loads of water, bananas, sleep, Jameson, eye liner, Naked smoothies and loads of laughing. All very essential to touring life IMO.


I don’t know where it comes from. I just feel like I have something to say, I have this feeling in my stomach. I can’t wake up in the morning without thinking about what I am going to do, how I can do it etc. Sometimes it’s not always there and I feel drained, but I remind myself that everything I do will lead me to the next thing, everything is a stepping stone to the next.

Favourite City

For the longest time my favourite city was New York but recently it has become Paris. I love the buildings and everything about it really. I also love London, I’ve been spending a lot of time there… I feel like I live on the Jubilee line hahaha.

Biggest Vice

I am a demon for a drinking session. I love a nice cocktail or a smooth Jameson. Actually have gotten into gin and tonic recently!


I think I’m a very ambitious person, I have always been. When I have an interest in something I always want to be the best or the best I can be. I have set little personal goals for myself, one of them was signing a major deal and I’ve achieved that, so it’s on to the next thing.

Words by George Griffiths

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