This Is Our Culture: Anna Leone

George Griffiths /
May 8, 2018 / Music

Anna Leone knows how to write a song

Songs tinged with pop and folk, that are enshrined with longing, bitterness and pain but also envelop you in her world. The same is true for Anna’s debut EP, ‘Wandered Away’ and the new single from the collection, ‘If You Only.’

With her debut release now out in the world, the Swedish singer-songwriter seems primed for great things. But before that, we wanted to know a bit more about her. This is Anna Leone. This is her culture.

1. “If You Only”

I wrote this song a while back but it still feels kind of relevant to where I am now. It deals with getting stuck in a certain headspace instead of being in the moment, thinking about things that have happened and things that could happen. Basically daydreaming.

2. First Album You Bought

I’m not sure about the first one but the most recent one I bought was Because I Was In Love by Sharon Van Etten. I love buying records and stuff after a concert. I only just started my vinyl collection so it’s still modest but I think it’s a cool way to listen to music. I like focusing on one album at a time.\

3. If you could have written one song 

‘Chicago’ by Sufjan Stevens. It makes me really emotional and I love the repetition in the verses and the lyrics. He’s a great songwriter. I read that he wrote it on a road trip around the United States. I’d like to do that too sometime. Just got to get my driver’s license first.

4. Inspiration 

I recently re-listened to the soundtrack to Fallout: New Vegas and it’s so good. Such a great collection of songs. I don’t think there are many similarities with my songwriting but there’s so much emotion in the music from that time, it’s inspiring to listen to.

5. Favourite Music Video

I don’t watch that many music videos but I did see ‘I Owe You Nothing’ from Seinabo Sey recently. So beautiful and cool.

6. Home

I live in Sweden but I spend some time in France as well, especially Paris. I’ve always seen Stockholm as my home, cause I’ve always lived there, but my dad and his side of the family are from Guadeloupe so I have ties there too.

7. The future

I’m gonna start touring and playing some festivals, and then I’m sitting down to write the album! My EP is out really soon so that definitely marks the end of a chapter.

Words by George Griffiths

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