This Is Our Culture: Betty Who

George Griffiths /
Mar 9, 2018 / Music

Betty Who sometimes seems like an 80s pop star that’s arrived in the modern day via time machine.

Which is great news for us, because she makes pop music that’s indebted to the past, but also manages to make it sound like the future.

After releasing two (very good) albums via RCA, Betty’s now parted ways with the major label and has re-established herself as an independent artist, going back to her roots when she first released the (very good) Movement EP in 2013 (sidenote: we can remember downloading this for free and dancing like a lunatic to ‘High Society’).

‘Look Back,’ her new single, sounds great. You can imagine Stock-Aitken-Waterman giving this to Kylie on Rhythm of Love as much as you can see Britney Spears releasing it in an alternate timeline where she was part of a 90s ska-girlgroup.

So, from the 1980s to 2018 via a time machine, Australia and LA, this is Betty Who. This is her culture.

‘Look Back’

Sexy, confident people knowing what they want, showing off their best assets.


Finally being in control of my own destiny. Doesn’t every 20-something want to feel that way?


The best genre of music, obviously. It transcends borders and ideals and languages – it unites us all.


My favourite people. My fans really are so wonderful, I’m a very lucky girl.


My favourite place to be. With all my friends and family in the same place (preferably with my mum rubbing me in some fashion because that’s where I’m most in heaven).

First Memory

My mum dropping me off to kindergarten. There were huge steps all the way down to the classroom and I remember being terrified and not wanting her to leave me. I still sort of feel this way about her all the time.


The most rewarding work I’ve ever done. The hardest work I’ve ever done.


Endless possibilites.

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Words by George Griffiths

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