This Is Our Culture: Dagny

Tanyel Gumushan /
Jun 21, 2017 / Music

Dagny is here to make you good.

Her latest track, ‘Wearing Nothing’, is an instant mood lifter. With a voice that flows like silk, and uplifting beats that clap with joy, her lyrics exhilarate with the thrill and liberation that can come from sharing yourself with another.

Using her music as a way of being intimate, and her artistry as a way of expressing who she is, Dagny formally introduces herself as an exciting optimist. The radiant track fizzes and flutters, ready to take on a life of itself and soundtrack your sunny days and neon nights. It’s a song that stands with pride.

‘Wearing Nothing’

“​I think everyone should “expose” themselves when they’re ready – in their own time and in their own way. With this single, ‘Wearing Nothing’, we wanted to write a song about meeting someone that makes you feel like you are ready and that you want to share all of yourself with that person. ​It’s a very intimate thing to do. For some people it’s very rare and difficult, and for others it’s very easy to be open and “bare”. And all of the above is OK. I believe that I land right in-between the two.”


“I like style icons like Alexa Chung and Bella Hadid, but I get even more inspired when ​seeing someone on the street who just looks awesome and different. I love clothes and always say that life’s too short to not wear a dress every day, which is really just a reminder that I can get dressed up and put something wild on on a normal Tuesday and that’s cool. I mean, why not? I have this two piece suit that’s black and yellow and for some reason I feel very strong whilst wearing it. So that’ll be my favourite.” ​


“​I love to experience different cultures. You definitely get influenced by what surrounds you, and different countries have different “typical” trades. For example, ​I’ve lived in the UK and they’re so polite there, so I’ve definitely become more polite after living there. I think Scandinavians are quite down to Earth. I grew up surrounded by nature in a small city of 70.000 people. I’m so happy I can always go back there, it’s got such a calmness and beauty to it that I haven’t really found in many other places.”

Night in/night out

“That depends how you picture a night out. ​I love having dinner with my friends. Good food, good drinks, good conversations. I’m not a night club person, but I love cool cafes and bars. I’m easy really, I just wanna hang out.”

Fictional characters

“​Right now I’m like Sleeping Beauty! We’re in the studio at the moment doing really long hours, so I’m feeling a little extra sleepy today!”

Pop music

“​The hooks, the melodies, everything! I very quickly know if I love a pop song or not – if it makes me feel good or not – and if I don’t I skip it. I guess that’s what I wish to do with my own music; just give people three and a half minutes of feeling good.”


“​I’m pretty sure you could send any famous person my way and I wouldn’t get starstruck. At least I haven’t so far.. Except Zane Lowe. I blushed my way through my whole first meeting with him!”


“​In my experience confidence is something you grow into as you learn more and more about yourself and you accept who you are. We are who we are and we can always grow and learn more. But just trust that you’re good enough and that you have something to offer that’s unique, cause we all are.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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