This is our culture: FREAK

Tanyel Gumushan /
Jan 18, 2018 / Music

Get ready, because Freak are about to rock your world.

With a guitar riff so irresistibly slick, and drums so rabid that they’re almost tripping over themselves, there’s a lot going on in a track and you’re quite simply going to have to keep up. Slacker vocals slump above the rampage, throwing a temper tantrum and conjuring a pit in your mind.

Their latest single, ‘Everyone’s The Same’ is a frenzy of rebellion against the boredom of conformity. The trio are kicking back at societal norms in a very loud and very proud way, and with each guitar pluck and toe-tapping bass rip, FREAK are finding recruits to back their rage and turn it into the biggest party.

Join the fun and get to know the boys, for this is their culture.

‘Everyone’s The Same’

“‘Everyone’s The Same’ was written when I was feeling a bit isolated at home. It’s about how everyone treats you the same and can act the same, and about trying to find an identity in a society where if you act, dress or like different things you are seen as outcast. It’s just about not caring about what anyone else thinks really.”

New Year resolutions

“Eat more fruit and vegetables.”

Pizza toppings

“Our favourite toppings are peppers, spinach, cheese, onions and tomato. Criminal toppings are pepperoni, jalapeños and mushrooms, couldn’t imagine it.”

Guitar solos

“The solo in The Kinks – ‘All Day And All Of The Night’ is insane, I love it so much it’s crazy!”

90s kids

“Pokémon and Speed Stacking.”

Night out

“Chelmsford on a night out is great. To be honest I can barely even remember them! Me and Sam go out quite a bit, the double vodka lemonades are deadly.”

Live shows

“Queens Of The Stone Age were incredible at Reading Festival last year. Their new song ‘The Way You Used To Do’ is insane and sounded massive live.”


“Yolo, no regrets.”


“Chelmsford has a wicked music scene with loads of alternative bands on the scene and has two great venues , The Bassment and Asylum, which really support live bands. We dislike Currys PC World and my old house in Chelmsford.”


“We’ve been watching a lot of Extras and The Office recently, we love Ricky Gervais, he’s gold. Also Peep Show is amazing. We tried getting into a German series called ‘Dark’ and the first episode is sick so we need to keep watching that when we have time!

Dinner party

“We’d cook up some Linda McCartney 1/4 pounder burgers with garlic, onion, tomato, peppers and rocket served with skin-on fries and a side of garlic bread and we would invite Kim Woodburn, Lady Colin Campbell and Gillian McKeith.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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