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This Is Our Culture: HANOVER

Some songs just take you by the hand and lead you on an epic journey of soaring euphoria.

‘LUNAR’ by North West duo, HANOVER, is definitely one of those songs. With a sparkling rhythm and star-kissed lyricism, the track is revitalising in its joyous upbeat. A true stamp of the brotherly affection shared between the two, the release of ‘LUNAR’ wears its heart on its sleeve.

A peek into a yet-to-be-released album, HANOVER are ready to introduce themselves to your ears. Gentle melody makers experimenting with anthemic synth pop and purveyors of modern day romanticism, they’ll make you nostalgic for lovers and friends who you never want to lose. It’s so ambient that you’ll feel it imprinting on your heart.

You won’t want to get off this ride. This is their culture.


Calan: “Lunar is a special song for me. It’s about the idea of change happening whether you’re ready or not, but knowing that no matter what happens you’ll still always have that bond with someone. I relate a lot to this song, it’s one of my favourites. It’s funny, we were at an apartment in Manchester writing our first album and as we were sitting, a lorry went past and made this crazy weird noise… we just kept repeating it to each other and somehow it became the hook.”

Joel: “It focuses on change, which is a reoccurring theme in our songs, as it’s something me and Calan have dealt with a lot over the years. In the case of L U N A R, the lyrics express affection to a loved one despite time and change intervening at times. It’s one of my favourites off our recently recorded album!”


Calan: “I feel like I have a lot of good memories from my childhood. We used to play any sport you can imagine on the fields outside our houses daily for about 5 years. I never enjoyed school too much but the friends I made there are still my closest friends now and always will be. I love writing about my youth, I love when a song makes you feel nostalgic and writing about the past can help so much, there’s a song we recorded recently called ‘Seventeen’, I actually wrote it about Joel and an experience of his a few years back, it’s very special to both of us and I feel like when you get a song about something like that right, it can give you the closure you need from the actual experience.”

Joel: “I used to be really sporty as a kid and then university kind of ruined that for me due to the workload. I loved sport though, and still do now! I think I was the youngest brown belt in the north west when I was around 8/9. I played football, rugby, badminton, cricket, you name it really! I couldn’t sit down as a kid. I remember my mum and dad telling me that when I was 4 years old, I tried scaling the wall at John Lennon Airport where you can go and watch the planes land and take off. My parents only realised this, mid-picnic sesh, when I was 1/4 way up the wall!”


Calan: “It’s a weird one for me! Don’t get me wrong I’d love to completely stick up for the North but I literally spend so much of my time in Reading as my girlfriend studies down there and it’s a really nice little place. It will be weird when she graduates and we both say goodbye to Reading, I have a lot of special memories of that place and so I’m probably not the best person to debate this North/South divide! I don’t think I could ever live down south though, I’ve wanted to live in Manchester since I can remember.”

Joel: ”I’m genuinely proud to be Northern. Being a half Manc/half Scouse hybrid, my Manchester side was always irrelevant when I was growing up, as people from Liverpool can tend to warm to ideologies involving scouse supremacy, if you will, and refer to you as a “bad wool” if you weren’t born in  The Liver Building or live somewhere with purple bins. But now I’m older, I really do appreciate my Manchester heritage. My late Grandad was proper northern through and through, and was the greatest and coolest man I’ve ever known. After he passed away I learned a lot more about him and got inked twice for the guy out of respect. I’ll always have a piece of my heart in both Manchester and Liverpool and the North in general for that matter.”


Calan: “I feel like my favourite thing about pop music today is that there is a lot more credibility to everything you hear in the genre. I can’t really picture any overly embarrassing or cheesy artists and I feel like it’s at a very strong point now where it seems every song that comes out is really good. I feel like a good pop song needs catchiness, something that sticks in your brain without you even knowing until you find yourself singing it. Personally lyrics are what stick with me, there’s no better feeling than connecting with a song’s lyrics.”

Joel: “A lot of pop music in the charts like right now is so good. I’ve been listening to ‘Stay’ by Alessia Cara a lot recently and ‘Crying in the Club’ by Camila Cabello. Hooks for days in those songs, and hooks are what pop music is all about. For me personally, pristine and punchy pop production just enhances it all so well. I love ambience in songs too; dreamy chords that make your heart break paired alongside elements with massive reverb are the way to my heart.”

TV Soaps

Calan: “I know it’s not quite a ‘soap’ but I imagine HANOVER TV to be something along the lines of Peep Show, and I’m laughing just thinking about it.”

Joel: “Well, in our house, any opening title of any TV Soap is lucky to make 2 seconds on the telly as my mum hates them. That said though, if we starred in one, it’d be set in Kensington, Liverpool, and we’d start up major beef and kick bins over and that.”


Calan: “I’m not sure how exactly I’d describe my style but I would say I do enjoy having my own and I feel like I can differentiate something I’d wear to something I wouldn’t. I like to keep up with trends and I’d say obviously it helps to have an aesthetic and to keep a theme but it is cool to switch things up a little sometimes, take a few risks. I feel like one amazing thing about being a musician is having that unspoken license to experiment a little with what you wear.”

Joel: “I feel aesthetic is what you make it really. I think that if you create your own style as opposed to someone else’s, then that opens doors to self confidence and individuality. I just wear what I feel like wearing and stick a Nike hat on if I can’t be bothered doing my hair, which is most of the time.”


Calan: “I was absolutely hooked on The Killing and could not get enough of it. The first series is literally next level and I’d recommend it to anyone. Peep Show is my go-to when there’s nothing on though, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched every episode and I really wouldn’t like to know!”

Joel: “Peaky Blinders. Amazing series and 10/10 would recommend!”

Last meal

Calan: “Starter – This Crab Meat Pasta from my favourite local restaurant at home, it’s called “Penne Al Granchio” I think! Main – fillet steak and sweet potato fries… this is SO hard, dessert – I think I’ll keep it easy with a chocolate brownie.”

Joel: “Pepper fried squid from Yo! Sushi with loads of soy sauce and lemon juice x3. Pint of any pale, extra hoppy real ale on the side.”


Calan: “In all honesty you’d imagine with there being two of us there would be no compromise if we disagreed and that we’d stall on a lot of decisions but it’s just so easy. We’ve known each other for ages and know what we both want and so I can’t remember having too many headaches making decisions in this band. I feel like when you make music with someone a relationship grows in which there’s no real room for ego’s or stubbornness. I’ve bared it all to him with my lyrics and he’s done the same to me so the environment in which we write, play shows, make decisions and experience everything is actually plain sailing.”

Joel: “Contrary to the likes of the Gallagher bros, me and Cal like to keep the peace and find a middle ground when we write. I like to stay up till 4/5am most nights and just write instrumentals, then we’ll work as a pair to finalise everything and produce something that we’re both 100% happy with!”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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