This Is Our Culture: Liza Owen

George Griffiths /
May 2, 2018 / Music

This might be the first you’re hearing of Liza Owen, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Her new single, ‘Fallin,’ is the first proper release in what should be a very exciting time for Liza, with the release of a proper EP due sometime later this year.

As far as pop potential goes, Liza certainly has a lot. Working with Paul Phamous (Frank Ocean) and Afterhrs (Maroon 5, 1D) on the extremely confident bop, Liza has also logged studio time with Ali Tamposi, who helped write Rita Ora’s mesmerising ‘Anywhere’ and Robopop who helped bring Lana Del Rey’s majestic debut single ‘Video Games’ into being.

With all this in mind, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Liza. But, for now, let’s introduce you.

This is Liza Owen. This is her culture.

1. “Fallin’”

The inspiration for Fallin came from finally having enough distance from my last relationship to being to look back on it from a different perspective. There wasn’t bad blood, more just a feeling of melancholy. I was thinking about how it’s just so funny that for a second falling in love feels like your flying and you think this is it, this is me forever. And then one day you realise it isn’t, and then it’s over just like that.

 2. First Album You Bought

think the first album was Mariah Carey’s Butterfly and I played that shit to death. And I remember Christina Aguilera Stripped was another firm favourite, I spent many hours screaming that around the house trying to reach those high notes…I’m sure that was pretty painful for everyone else.

3. Favourite City

I’m torn between London and Phnom Penh to be honest, I really can’t decide. I love the hustle and bustle of London, it’s just always alive and awake. And then Phnom Penh is like a second home and  just makes me feel like I can breath, relax and just eat the most incredible food. And I get to be with my family which is the best.

4. Inspiration

A lot of the time I like to listen to old music and get inspired by that, and recreate a similar feeling but in my own new way. I’ll often just get deep into the dark depths of Spotify to find unknown songs that can then spark a new idea. Then life is my main inspiration, I really try to draw from things I’ve been through and whats happening around me and then just write about it in a really relatable way.

5. Best Advice

The best things somebody ever said to me was “Nobody can hate you for being honest”, they may not like it I think in the long run sticking by your truth and how you feel is the right way to go. And that has definitely helped me along the way in making some tough decisions in my career.

6. Night In / Night Out

My best night in would be chilling with a bunch of friends, couple of bottles of wine, listening to music, and chatting shit. I’ve just spent this weekend at Coachella with all my friends, and that has to be the best night out. We partied for 3 days straight and I’m dying now but it was the most epic night out that never ended. Getting to listen to amazing music with my friends in the most beautiful sunny setting it what it’s all about.

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Words by George Griffiths

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