This is our culture: MADDEE

Tanyel Gumushan /
Nov 20, 2017 / Music

With an angelic, yet diva-strong vocal that can take you to the heavens, MADDEE can make you feel weightless.

On latest single, ‘Weight’, fluttering light synth arrangements showcase that the Toronto songstress has mastered the art of captivation. Crafting a velvet soul atmosphere ready to be delved into and explore, you discover a place of sensual twists and turns and goosebump rising bluesy melodies. Emotively raw, MADDEE is the parachute that makes sure that you land safely from a brokenhearted fall.

This is emotive downbeat pop at its finest, and you simply can’t get enough of its whispers of hope. This is her culture.


“Weight was a song I wrote when I was trying really hard to let go of my feelings for someone who had really wronged me. I was having these vivid dreams of forgiving them although that’s not how I really felt. It’s a surreal experience because sometimes I think our dreams are telling us things that we feel but don’t want to believe. I think this song was me kind of realising and confronting my feelings and trying to really figure them out.”


“My home is Toronto. I love to travel and spend time in other cities, but there will always come a time where I feel home sick and miss my family and my friends back home. I grew up here, so I feel like I’ve really figured it out. It’s nice sort of knowing everything about a place. But it can get kind of boring once you do know everything because you feel like there’s nothing new to explore. That’s why I love travelling so much. I love exploring and discovering new places and people. It’s a balance.”


“I’m currently drawn to unique pants and jackets. That’s sort of how I’ll piece together my outfits. I pretty much wear the same shirts with everything. Today I impulsively bought a tasselled leather jacket from the 60s. Really stoked on that purchase.”


“I love to be able just to kinda fuck around and have a good time, because I know there will come a time when I can’t do things like sneak up onto someones roof or be a menace in the neighbourhood.”


“Last movie I watched was The Revenant. As for the first movie I watched, I really can’t remember. I do remember that I watched the Austin Powers series of films a lot as a kid.”


“Been really into bourbon sours lately.”


“I love the time in between summer and fall, and spring and summer. But who’s kidding who, I also love summer. I love the feeling of being able to walk around outside for hours and not stress about getting somewhere warm. I love the amount of time I spend outside, everything just feels easy in the summer.”


Photo Credit: Neva Wireko

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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