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this is our culture: Mattis

This is Mattis’ culture.

Standing at 6″8, Mattis possesses the strength of his height. The Copenhagen native has a voice that grows and spreads across delicately structured soundscapes, filling holes in your soul by sharing his very own. His debut single, the elevating ‘Loverboy’, saw Mattis retire his prior punk persona to tell a deeply emotive tale of his mistakes and pained losses. Tender electronics make these struggles come to life, tactile and fearful.

These are his cultural highlights.

‘Viking soul’:

“Mattis = viking, the music = soul. Viking + soul = vikingsoul.

My producer and I starting working together two years ago. We have different musical backgrounds. Ole has a hip hop background and I have a punk and rock background and we both share a passion for soul and indie music. All that mixed together and with my vocal on top is what became “Vikingsoul”. A hard-hitting, bottom heavy, groovy, edgy and smooth sound.”


‘Loverboy’ is about being lost and finding oneself. It is a personal story of mine that happened three years ago where I had broken up with my girlfriend and lost my apartment. I slept on my friends coach, in the studio and often ended up going out all week and had fun with a lot of girls. All the fooling around and attention was fun in the hours it lasted and it was a good way to numb the feeling of loneliness but upon waking up the day after the loneliness kept on coming back. I realised that you can pick up girls and having them screaming your name – or at least try to – as much as you want, but if you only have random hook-ups everything becomes hollow and superficial and you crave finding a person that breaks through to you. A person who gives you depth and honesty. That is what ‘Loverboy’ is really about –  a superficial existence craving and searching something real.”

Watch the live session, exclusively premiered with tmrw


“The wonderful city Copenhagen is my home and it is located pretty far north all considered. We have very short and dark days during the winter and very long and sunny days during the summer. In the winter Danes mostly stay inside, drink a lot of coffee, beer and enjoy some well deserved “hygge”. We don’t go outside much and a lot of Danes gets mild winter depression. But all that changes 180 as soon as spring comes rolling by. The sun finally shows itself and everybody just explodes of pure joy, strip down to t-shirt and shorts even though it’s still freezing and do BBQ, parties in the street, walks on the beach and more – the sun has been absent for so long that they just can’t wait to get out and enjoy it. Everybody becomes 120% happier and Copenhagen becomes this vibrant amazing place where everybody is just full of joy, energy and appreciation for finally feeling some well deserved sun again. It is the best city in the world during the summer in my opinion.”


“My best friend Martin and I were in this shady backyard and heard this noise coming from behind a big black metal door in what I think used to be an auto mechanic’s workshop. We opened the door and saw these three dudes playing Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Being the biggest Nirvana fans on the planet back then we couldn’t even comprehend that mere mortals were able to play something that sounded half as good as the original from what we believed were rock gods! We decided to start a rock band on the spot because if they could do it so could we. But what really made me who I am was the way we chose the instrument. We were two guys so one had to play guitar and the other had to play drums. We decided to settle it by a game of rock-paper-scissor about who were gonna play the guitar. After a close match I took the winning hand and won the part as guitar player and Martin was left with the drums. So that was it. The rest of my life and what I would use 99% of my time on was settled by a quick game of rock-paper-scissor.”

Songs that make you feel:

“I have a very special relationship with Thomas Newman’s song ‘Any Other Name’ from the American Beauty soundtrack. Some people might think it sounds sad but to me it is something totally different. Every time I listen to it it triggers this meditative state inside me where I become calm and just accept everything as it is. It is a very very beautiful song and I sometimes listen to it when I have to stress down or just enjoy a moment and be thankful for everything I have. If you don’t know it then go listen to it.”


“The biggest dream for me and the world? Hmm, world peace? Just kidding or actually if I had to say one thing that would be my biggest hope and dream for myself and for everyone then I have always imagined that it would be to find enlightenment. I think of it as a feeling of completion. Like completing a computer game but in real life. Finding the key to life. Accepting yourself, everything and everyone around you – Buddhist monk style. Pure love.”


“The best live show I have ever attended is Bruce Springsteen‘s concert at Roskilde Festival 2012. I don’t know all his material, roughly just the hits but his concert at Roskilde is one of the biggest musical experiences I have ever had. The crowd of 80.000 people was spellbound for 3,5 hours and the thing that made the biggest impression on me was between the songs when Bruce “The Boss” spoke. The whole audience of 80.000 people just went quit. Not saying a word. Nobody talked when “the boss” talked. I have never experience such an insane amount of crowd control before. He ended the concert playing most of the hits including ‘Born To Run’ and I remember that after the concert some of my friends and I had to go and sit down with a beer to just soak it all in. We just sat there for 40 minutes or so, not even speaking to each other because the experience had been so intense. We were almost in a state of shock but in a good way. After 40 minutes of regrouping with a beer we were able to go on and enjoy the rest of the festival. Really amazing concert and I am very grateful for having experiencing that.”


“I love Blade Runner, love everything about it. The vibe, the music, the scenographic, the way its directed and the fact that people who have seen it still argue whether or not Harrison Ford was an android as well. One of the coolest movies I have ever seen and I can’t wait to see the new one that is coming out later this year! #Bladerunner2049″

Check out more of Mattis’ music here

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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